Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Very short walk....

Actually made it out of the house for a while yesterday. I really do like being curled up in the warm reading, knitting or doing whatever inside when outside is cold and wet and days like yesterday when the sun is shining brightly makes it all the prettier to look out at but doesn't always make me feel I have to get out.........but thankfully Daughter and O had other ideas. Daughter was desperate to get some fresh air and nobody else in her house apart from O wanted to join them so she rang us and after our lunch out we went.

Unfortunately by this time the sun had lost any of its warmth and O was too tired to walk far so a short walk through some small local wooded areas at the pace of a tired three year old was just enough to blow some cobwebs away and make a healthy start to the new year. It was lovely and glad I went.

Also I cleared the washing box (three loads) and cleaned out a now nearly empty fridge.
And not because of today's activities but guess it was more a build up over the festivities I actually went to bed at 10pm which for this nocturnal bird is very rare indeed :-)

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