Sunday, 6 January 2013

Another post about reluctant shopping.....

This time it was E that needed to just get out from being stuck in unwell for too many days. She is still a bit bunged up and still coughing but definitely on the mend so fresh air was a good thing especially as it's still so mild.

Now anyone that knows me knows my dislike of shopping, the dragging from shop to shop looking for what you might like but not really need, the changing rooms, the queues at the tills and making the decisions to buy this or that or both is no fun for my addled head and aching back! However that's what E really wanted to do. (see how I said 'however' to try and sound a bit positive and didn't use the negative 'but').

Anyone who knows E knows what a great shopper she usually is. She is the sort of shopper that has an idea of what she wants to buy and likes to check out all the shops to get the best for her money but never dithers she either likes it or doesn't.......but not this time, guess it was her head still foggy with her cold. So we dragged from shop to shop umming and arring and leaving empty handed. Poor girl she so wanted to spend her money but came home with just one little bag holding her solar powered dancing bear.

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