Saturday, 5 January 2013

Not the full Range....

R who was now totally fed up of living with a sick family who could do little with her came here. Hubby went and got her. She had money to spend so after lunch we went shopping. R is not really a shopper so it wasn't long spent in Next and she did find two pairs of trousers in the sale, tried them on and bought both. I have to say I was not impressed with the amount of stock actually on sale, just a couple of rails with all the children's sizes mixed together. Also this Next is a very new store and the changing rooms were piled with stock boxes and the lighting was really dim!

R has also decided she fancies trying her hand at macrame. She loves house plants and wants their bathroom to be more of a jungle. Daughter suggested they have a collection of pots in some sort of hanging from the ceiling arrangement as they have very little shelf space. I already have some basic macrame equipment but it's not here, it's loaned to a friend and I can get it all back next week. Meanwhile R wanted to go to the Range to buy the needed bits for herself, in fact very little is needed as any string/wool/twine/thread can be used and really the only important equipment is a solid board that is soft enough for pins to go in. We searched the arts and crafts section thoroughly and found nothing so asked a member of staff who had never heard of macrame.......she said "we don't have that in yet, we are always so slow at getting new stuff in, maybe try again in a few weeks" I smiled and told her it wasn't a new craft it became very popular in the UK in the 1960's. She didn't know what to say as I guess she wasn't born till the 1990's :-)

At home I managed to find my bobbin lace board and a few old books and gathered together string, tape measure and scissors but by this time R was deeply engrossed in Sponge Bob cartoons. I'll blog if she ever gets this craft underway but as a child who prefers instant gratification we could be waiting a while.


Hannah said...

The shop assistant's comment made me chuckle!
I'd love to learn macrame, infact, I think I have a book with a project in it somewhere.
I hope everyone in your family is feeling back to their old selves soon x

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks Hannah, I'll pass on your get well wishes.