Monday, 21 January 2013

Soup success...

So many days of snow now and so many days of the children playing out and really appreciating a hot lunch that my freezer is now lacking in pizzas, quiches and sausage rolls!

Today Daughter was meeting friends at my local park and parked here and walked down with E and O in the sledge. Before they set off they spent a little while getting their clothing right for an arctic expedition, extra socks on socks, salopettes over trousers, doubled up gloves and hats and coats over tshirts and jumpers layers, O needed help getting out of the door hahaha. R stayed in the warm with us. Hubby, of course, had already done another morning of drive and road snow clearing and gritting.

Our winter sports team were obviously having a great time as they were gone for more than two hours. So hot lunch.....I threw into a saucepan a can of chopped tomatoes and about a third of a bag of frozen chopped onion (my saviour from painful streaming eyes) four cans of cold water, two handfuls of pearl barley (all that was left) and three vegetable stock cubes and boiled then simmered for an hour, it was effortless, very tasty, everyone enjoyed it and I actually made just the right quantity! I amazed myself hahaha

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