Thursday, 24 September 2015

Watched kettle and all that......

It's always been a big disappointment to me that every time I've bought an orchid in a pot it had looked beautiful for a while then lost its flowers then rarely flowered again. I've two healthy plants kept upstairs as just leaves didn't warrent public display, one flowered in January after quite a few dormant years but the other didn't, I may even have blogged about it as I was quite excited.

When sisterS bought me a new orchid just before our holiday in August I did warn her that I'd do my very best, however....
Well as you can see not only is it still in beautiful bloom but it is producing more buds all the time :-)

AND maybe it had brought me orchid luck as both of the original plants have produced three new stalks each all covered in buds. I've checked on them every day (sometimes twice) for what seems like weeks now, waiting for the first flower.

We go on holiday Sunday so I guess it will all happen while we are away!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Four-day sleepover......

Daughter and E had their last trip for this year to Kentwell Hall as Tudor players and as always R comes here instead. This time we are having O here as well because there are no other players so Daughter would find it impossible to organise the school groups and keep an eye on O too.
Pinched this photo from Facebook

Friday - So bags packed they came Friday afternoon and O was so excited "my first time ever having a four-day sleepover!"
Quick cup of tea and Daughter and E were off as E has county music wind band rehearsals first.
Usual sort of evening with no screens for O after dinner so a little tv and books reading in bed.
First night of the Rugby World Cup, so R and I stayed on our own screens while Hubby was watching the England v Fiji game.

Saturday - R had drama so after Hubby went off for a whole day fundraising for the Bloodrunners, O and I tried pancakes for breakfast which were a bit of a disaster but don't know why (obviously got the proportions wrong as I never measure) then got R out of bed with just enough time then out. While she is there we wait in the comfy seating area where they also run a tuck shop, keeping my six year old very happy and while buying his sweets I was presented with a specially made cup of tea that Daughter had ordered the night before, bless her :-)
Back home and late lunch and both children spent most of the afternoon on screens. I fed the fish
We'll be out lots tomorrow so I'm not too bothered.

Sunday - using the same pancake mix that I'd kept in the fridge, today's breakfast was much more successful, cooking on a lower heat for longer. O said the first one was good, second was delicious, third was legendary, forth was epic and he even managed two more so six in all (quite a small pan), leaving just enough mix for me to have two.
R had brought leathers and boots with as she planned to spend the day fundraising with Granddad which means travelling there and back on the blood-motorbike, but last night she said she couldn't face getting up in time to leave by 8am, so I said I'd take her whenever she's ready.
She didn't get up till 11:30am and O had been grisly saying he was desperate for MarioMaker that he couldn't bring with, although promising me that wasn't the reason because he really really was a bit homesick, so a quick text to his dad and yes he was home all day so O went home for a few hours. I then took R here to meet Hubby
As I had a free pass to get in and a little while to kill I had a wander round before heading home. The show ground was full of all sorts of stalls and exhibits and demonstrations and the sun was out so the people were out too. I did take a couple of photos of the SERV stand with R wearing her bloodrunners hi-vis jacket but you know what it's like when the sun is on your home and the photos hadn't actually taken :-(
Home in time to put on a roast dinner and make some rock cakes

Retrieved O and he remembered to bring his own toothpaste as he doesn't like my minty one he likes his fennel flavour!  Hubby and R arrived back soon after so dinner followed by his favourite game at the moment
Then bed with two more Beatrice Potter stories. Hubby had gone bowling so R and I settled down with X Factor Bootcamp.

Monday - so much time is spent like this
Have to admit I'm finding it a struggle to get them to do much else, thankfully the computer O uses does get hot underneath so I'm making him turn off at regular intervals for it to "cool down".
R slept in all morning again. I did a little gardening but couldn't get either of them to help though they did play some crazy game together. 
O enjoyed a really long bubble bath
He is cute isn't he :-)
I had every intension of making trifle for dessert but as Hubby went shopping quite late I thought I should make the jelly separately or it wouldn't have time to set then O and I spent ages in the bathroom. Making dinner and dessert all at once I found that not only had Hubby forgotten to buy the Swissroll but he'd opened the freezer and thrown in a bag of veg RIGHT ON TOP OF THE OPEN DISH OF JELLY! Actually the children thought my not-quite-trifle of peaches covered in spooned jelly under custard and letting them put squirty cream on top themselves was a success! 

Tuesday - followed the same sort of pattern as it poured with rain all day. O played for a while with Hubby on our home gym so he got plenty of exercise and I did get R to learn some more of her lines for drama. And I got two loads of washing done which had to go upstairs on the clothes horse. 
Daughter managed to leave kentwell a lot earlier than expected so came here in time for dinner then she took them home. .....and all was just a bit too quiet! 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Theatre: Sweet Charity......

I was quite excited as we were going to the theatre tonight and it has been ages!

The Musical Comedy Story Of A Girl Who Just Wants To Be Loved! Meet Charity Hope Valentine. A woman who always gives her heart and dreams…to the wrong man! Despite her dead-end job as a dance club hostess in the dubious Fandango Night Club she still manages to remain an incurable optimist. One day she meets sweet, unassuming Oscar and believes her luck has changed. But has she found true love and will all her dreams come true?

The New Wolsey Theatre proudly presents a new actor-musician production of this classic swingin' 60s, award-winning Broadway comedy with a mammoth cast of 17 talented performers. With brassy, toe tapping hits including Big Spender, If My Friends Could See Me Now, The Rhythm of Life and I'm A Brass Band, you won't want to miss this musical comedy story of a girl who just wants to be loved!
I love a good musical and this was brilliantly cast with great singers, dancers and musicians. I really enjoyed it.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Jewish New Year.......

Shana Tova, a happy new year, to all my family, friends and anyone celebrating. Wishing you all love and peace xx

Friday, 11 September 2015

Beautiful roots.....

I've discovered a craft new-to-me when friendHW gave me a necklace and earrings bought in Idaho, US. She told me the large beads are made from potato! Of course as a crazy crafter I had to find out more. Google, YouTube and Pintrest showed me a few different methods so I decided to try out the easiest method first.

I chopped a raw potato into shapes, threaded them onto wire so they would dry with a hole in and hung them up to air dry. They felt dry and hard after a week but I thought two weeks would make sure.

I then painted them, (any sharp edges can be smoothed with an emery board) this time with acrylic paint, as I had some lovely metallic colours.

These were the two necklaces I created and planned to keep them for a year to test their wearability and durability.

However, when I took them to show friendHW and BfriendM they both fell in love with them and they each matched their outfits that night so perfectly that I had to hand them one each, which they both immediately put on. I suggested they let me know if there were any new shoots sprouting lol.

And now I'm drying more potato and carrot shapes too and will definitely try other food stuffs (although the slice of fig didn't dry well so that may need oven drying).

Saturday, 5 September 2015


I'm feeling very sad and helpless watching the tragic news reports about the mass migration of refugees.

If you feel the same then we can help by making a donation. Whatever you can give will help provide something for those with nothing.

Mine went to