Friday, 11 September 2015

Beautiful roots.....

I've discovered a craft new-to-me when friendHW gave me a necklace and earrings bought in Idaho, US. She told me the large beads are made from potato! Of course as a crazy crafter I had to find out more. Google, YouTube and Pintrest showed me a few different methods so I decided to try out the easiest method first.

I chopped a raw potato into shapes, threaded them onto wire so they would dry with a hole in and hung them up to air dry. They felt dry and hard after a week but I thought two weeks would make sure.

I then painted them, (any sharp edges can be smoothed with an emery board) this time with acrylic paint, as I had some lovely metallic colours.

These were the two necklaces I created and planned to keep them for a year to test their wearability and durability.

However, when I took them to show friendHW and BfriendM they both fell in love with them and they each matched their outfits that night so perfectly that I had to hand them one each, which they both immediately put on. I suggested they let me know if there were any new shoots sprouting lol.

And now I'm drying more potato and carrot shapes too and will definitely try other food stuffs (although the slice of fig didn't dry well so that may need oven drying).


Michelle said...

They are fab. I am going to try this once the oven is turned on as perfect use of the warming oven.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Let me know how you get on.

Nic said...

I love these, would need to be a summer project to dry out fully here.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Maybe hang them in your polytunnel Nic?
I want to see photos ;-)