Saturday, 13 August 2022

All In The Timing.......

Now the hospital Eye department is finished with me Hubby and I went back to Specsavers to get the prescriptions we were given in March and April made up. We were helped with the choosing by Leah, obviously a very experienced member of staff. Then we sat with Leah while she made all the measurements and drew over the glass. We took the 2for1 offer but have to pay a lot of extras for various coatings and we both have the top of the range verifocal lenses. My frames were dearer than his, however he has an extra "drivers" adjustment and thinner lenses which help under his motor bike crash helmet.  Phew a very large total bill, which I paid with only a little flinch and then a giggle when I nearly forgot my pin number! 
We go back on the 23rd to collect. 

Managed to visit my special friendKK. She was supposed to come out with me this week but phoned to cancel as she had to have major surgery, I didn't know she was ill and had she not needed to cancel our outing she probably wouldn't have told me until afterwards. She's now home and my visit completely reassured me she's well on the recovery road.

I've had a birthday this week. The day before I had a slight tickley throat and thought it was the incredibly dry weather. On my birthday the tickle was a mild cough and my nose a little runny, so just to be sure we both did a covid test and they were both negative. 
So Hubby and I went out to lunch, but I couldn't eat much. In the evening four of us went to Sutton Hoo for Macbeth. 
Before it started the character Porter got everyone to sing Happy Birthday to me. 
The performance was brilliant and of course I thought my very talented Granddaughter was the best one playing Malcolm. 
Because of my cough Daughter was a bit cross with me for not cancelling and they had the back car windows wide open for the hour long drive there and back. And now I've tested positive, having stayed clear for the nearly three years I thought I may be immune. So Friday feeling really rough and done nothing more than contact anyone we've been in contact with and cancelling what should be happening in the next week. Hubby now has the tickley throat. So not a birthday present I would have asked for, and really inconvenient timing...... but is there ever a good time? 

Stay very careful everyone.

Saturday, 6 August 2022

When It's Gone It's Gone.........

Did you ever watch Neighbours, the Australian soap? 

I did, possibly from it's very beginning in 1985. But I haven't watched it for many years. We all heard it was to be axed and when it was advertised as ending at the end of July I decided to watch all July episodes. We were out last Friday night when the finale was on, so I avoided all social media and watched it while eating my breakfast Saturday morning.  
     I thought the format was really clever, as the Ramsey Street history book got damaged so some of the younger cast were rebuilding it, they visited each resident asking for photos and written memories and they posted a request to Facebook which brought contacts from past residents, this easily gave opportunities for reliving bits of old storylines. There were also major preparations for a wedding in the street. The wedding took place in the final episode and lots of past characters returned as wedding guests. I enjoyed my trip down Aussie memory lane. 

We've decided what to do about the big hedge, it's going!
It will eventually be replaced as a raised rose bed, but there's a lot of work to do before then. Thankfully Hubby does love a big project and he's working in the shade until mid afternoon. 

The plums are now ending and figs have just started ripening, yummy! 
Actually, on the fruit subject, the apples on our tree all have this rot/disease/whatever at the core of each one. So I will once again spend ages peeling, chopping and freezing all the good bits of hundreds of apples rather than throw them all away. If anyone knows what it is and how to cure it then please let me know. 

And some very over ripe bananas soon became two banana and raisin loaves.
They won't last long. 
Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to make another cuppa as there's cake waiting for me. 
Have a good week.

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Seeing Double........

Saturday neighbourJ came up with flowers and told Hubby they are for me as a thank you for lending him out to fix her leak! Hubby told her she had already given me flowers and invited her in to show her. She couldn't believe she'd done it twice and told us of all the stuff going on in her life just now. She blamed the heat for messing with her head and we all laughed. As she left we saw her shaking her head and muttering to herself "I can't believe I did that!" When Son came Sunday he saw two lots of flowers and asked what event he'd forgotten hahaha. Daughter came over in the week and asked exactly the same hahaha. 

You may remember I have a problem with my right eye and Specsavers referred me to the Macular Assessment Unit at the Hospital who saw me in March when the doctor said no treatment needed yet but will see me again in two months. Well May went and so did June and July almost had too so time to make contact. It's not urgent so I used the email address given on their letter, then a week later I emailed again asking them to acknowledge receipt, then two days after that I phoned. Lots of excuses from an obviously stressed appointments clerk who then found me a cancellation slot! Which was this Thursday, that's good, at 8:50am, that's not so good! The only bit I really hate is having the drops in my eyes that make the pupils dilate as that stings like mad 😖 the rest is waiting between moving from machine to machine that tests and photographs in round and behind each eye. Optometrist looked through it all and said no change from last time so still no treatment needed phew! They can't explain the cause probably just age related wear and tear, and no cure. Keep monitoring on a little chart she gave me and go back if anything changes. It took almost till bedtime for the pupils to return to normal and my focus to feel comfortable again. 

Opening night for Theatre in the Forest was Thursday night and they had some great online reviews. 
Friday evening we stayed with O and the dog while Daughter and M went to see it, invited as it was Press Night. Daughter will be seeing it twice as I'm going with her, Hubby and O on the 11th.

So for our Friday night me Hubby and O had fish and chips from the chippy in their road and O wanted us to watch his current favourite film (he's already watched it four times) it's very funny. 

Have a good weekend.

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Don't Make Me Say It.........

Daughter came for lunch Monday mainly to get the dog out of the house as her landlord was sending round an electrician for the regulation annual electrics check, (in fact they've lived there for about 17 years and this is the first time). Lovely to have her to myself for a while and catchup. 

Tuesday I met with friendS and friendL for lunch, this has been postponed a few times when each friend had family with a health problem, so we had a lot to catch up on. We went to the  Belstead Brook Hotel which is just round the corner to where we live. They've a lovely restaurant area which is never busy at lunchtime (some of our topics we wouldn't want overheard), you'll never be hurried, plus they have a pensioner's menu of two courses and tea or coffee for just £11.95. We chatted away for four hours hahaha

It's lovely where I sit in the lounge when the French doors are both open as I get a great view of garden and watch the birds coming and going. 
Apart from this one spooky leaf that keeps staring at me. 
Hubby and neighbourA helped another neighbour with her leaking bathroom sink, Hubby fixed it eventually and she was so grateful that she's promised to take them out for lunch soon. I also got a "thank you for lending me your husband" bunch of roses. 

Because Neighbours (Australian soap) ends on 1st August for ever I decided to watch all July episodes to work out who is who and who is still in it and who they bring back for the finale. I last watched it about 30 years ago!  I'm pleased to report Neighbours hasn't lost its sense of humour. One of the young adults confessed to his mother that he was working as a male escort seducing wealthy women..... the portrait of the old Mrs Mangle fell off the wall 😂

Phew, see I made it all the way to the end without mentioning the record breaking heat! Oops I've said it now  🙄

Saturday, 16 July 2022

Flexible Planning.......

Now the hedge has been halved I can see what beautiful bark the flowering cherry tree has. What a shame it's been hidden for so long, although maybe it was because it was in constant shade that made it grow that way. 

Sunday Hubby arranged for us to visit Son and fiancé, as he was desperate to have a look at their building work so far. What's done so far looks really good, but still a long way from being finished, especially as they keep adding to the final vision. 

O and the dog were here on Tuesday and Hubby was out all day. I'm sure some things only happen because Hubby is out so I feel totally useless! The oven went on got to temperature and sausage rolls went in and then ALL the power went off. I didn't want to climb on the kitchen steps and couldn't see up to the fuse box enough to guide O so we left it all alone. Next door was out and next to that is someone not really capable of sorting it, so I phoned next house along from my mobile (land line won't work without power) got no answer, their car was there so thought they might ignore it if they don't know the number, so went and knocked but still no answer. Then I noticed neighboursL&G further down by their caravan. Told them my sad plight and L came straight up. Definitely the cooker caused the problem so he left that off and put everything else back on. I've put a note on the hob..... sausage rolls still in there, thawed but raw!
O was quite pleased as he's on a "creating short stories on video" mission today and recorded one earlier he wasn't pleased with, but now the "Grandma/ cooker/ power cut" footage needed editing up nicely. 
It did edit up very nicely, O did a great job and did it quick enough for us all to watch it after Daughter got back and before they went home. 

SisterP came across this photo and shared it with us. The adult is cousinS, I'm in the middle at the front and the rest are my siblings. 1956.

Friday and Hubby still gardening even when it's hot. 
Dog prefers the shade. 
And I'm happier sitting for a while watching the fish and taking the photos. 

As you can see the dog is here again. This was all planned ages ago then all got confused and changed last minute. Wednesday night R and the dog arrived as Daughter and O were leaving early Thursday to drive far north somewhere for a wedding on Friday, they will meet E up there. The plan was Saturday to drive quite near to old friends who host an annual summer party weekend where all the guests camp in their field (cancelled the last two years of course so they were all really looking forward to it). We were taking R to and from work Thursday, Friday and next Monday with a relax weekend in between. 
     First major change was the party family very recently testing positive for covid so the camping party got cancelled, Daughter and O will now be coming home Saturday. 
     Second major change was R being invited to a friend's group social evening and sleepover Thursday night..... so what to do with the dog (she won't sleep alone and we won't have her upstairs with us)? M came and got her when he finished work at 9pm to sleep at home and brought her back just after 8am Friday on his way to work. Poor dog must get so confused. 
Of course these major changes cause so many more ripples, thankfully nothing we couldn't deal with.  

With this current heat wave forecast for dangerous levels through to early next week and covid numbers continuously rising it's probably best not to make too many plans.

Saturday, 9 July 2022

The Hedge and Hound.........

Quiet Sunday morning with the dog happily looking out the window and everyone else on computer and phones and I've only put my tablet down to take this photo. 
They went home Sunday evening. 
O and the dog were back on Thursday. 
This is a picture of a very fluffy dog after Hubby had to shower her down outside because she'd rolled in something smelly. While he did that I'd sprayed all the lounge with fabreze so it all smells a lot better. 

Our tall hedge has been cut down to a better size. Hubby loves having these bigger jobs to tackle. It just needs to green up again now. There used to be the children's swings, climbing frame and slide behind there which was removed a long time ago when they outgrew it all, so it doesn't need to be a hiding space anymore. 
Didn't realise just how wide the hedge had become. Shame it's the wrong sort of hedge for any topiary.  I'm sure there will be a better design for there now but it will take some research and thought. 

Any ideas will be appreciated by me, and by Hubby if it doesn't give him too much extra work. 

Dog was back on Friday for the day, she followed me everywhere. 

Hot already and heatwave coming, so use your suncream and stay hydrated and if I don't totally melt I'll be here next Saturday.

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Family of Performers........

As you know Hubby retired from being a volunteer blood runner and their events manager at the very end of last year, so we were surprised when we were both invited to the AGM and bbq, the Chairperson thought Hubby would enjoy keeping up with the friends he had made. It was a lovely thought and a lovely afternoon but unfortunately many of the old faces weren't there and there's been a good recruitment drive so there were many there that he didn't know. Happy that the charity is thriving but we keep in touch with the close friends anyway so doubt he'll want to go again. 

Daughter posted a lovely photo on Facebook of them working hard as Tudor mistrals. Reminded me how tall O is now. 
Monday I went down the drive for coffee morning and Hubby took R to work, taking a little longer as he stopped at the shop on his way back. Thankfully I had some house windows open so we all heard the dog getting a bit upset at being left alone (been about half an hour by then) so I went in and brought her out on the lead to sit with me until Hubby could then take her for a walk. So with taxi, shopping then dog walking Hubby missed most of coffee morning. 

Had a lovely visit from a very old friend (he's actually my age and that's not old, he's a friend that I've known since high school/ youth club days, but you knew that's what I meant). FriendBG was seeing other friends in the area and staying overnight so called in here before heading home more than two hours drive away. Apart from on Facebook we haven't seen him since his son's wedding about eight years ago so a lot of catching up to do. 

R has been working hard every day and that has included lots of rehearsals for this year's Theatre in the Forest production of Macbeth with a cast of five professional actors and six actors from the Red Rose Chainers Youth Theatre. It's lovely to see them all get poster billing. 
Hope you've had a good week too. 
Stay safe as there's still a lot of covid around.

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Blooming Lovely.......

Son came over on Sunday with his father's day card and prezzie for Hubby.
Daughter phoned him later in the day as she was working up in York.

Lovely on-your-own-drive coffee morning on Monday as it wasn't too cold, too hot, too windy, just a little bit noisy due to road works of some sort in the road behind ours. 

Tuesday Hubby with the guys F and P went back to finish off F's garage removal. Turned out to be a harder job than last week as they had to move all the debris into the new skip and break up the base and get that into the skip too. 

And the rest of the week just seems to have plodded along with nothing worth reporting on until Friday when Daughter came to load the car with all her Kentwell stuff and brought over the dog who is now with us for the 10 days. Of course R will be living here too but she's working most days so needs a lift there and back and feeding afterwards each day. 

To save this from being a totally boring post I'll add some of my beautiful garden photos. 

Enjoy your week ahead, exciting or relaxing or whatever.

Saturday, 18 June 2022

Sewing and Sun (lots of both).....

It's mostly been a week of sewing as Daughter needs two large semicircular cushions to complete the mattress for the new two-man tent (that's going inside the Tudor tent) as it has an oval base. 
Daughter made a paper template and I needed Hubby to help with cutting up an old double duvet. The weights worked well, however the Stanley knife, the craft knife and my rotary cutter didn't, but Hubby with my long wallpaper scissors did. 
Managed to get five layers for the first one and two for the second packing all the offcuts between those two to get the right thickness. All from one duvet. 
Next it was using the template again to cut the cover, two full size and two a little smaller on the curve as the tent leans in around the edges, plus a 5" strip to sew all the way around. Managed all that from one double fitted sheet, avoiding the worn bit. 
Onto the sewing machine, which of course jammed up on the first stitch! Grrrrr had been going so well till then! 
So with a struggle the bits all came apart, cleared, cleaned and with an even greater struggle finally got put back together. 
Cases made and contents well and truly stuffed into them and that front seam on each hand sewn. 
Can't stop seeing these as giant pasties 😂

Wednesday morning Hubby with P and F (our three men from our band of six) all took down F's garage. He had been wanting to for years but was nervous because of the asbestos. P is a builder so told him what's needed and Hubby pinned them all to a date and F got a skip, plastic wrapping, full white cover suits and masks for them to wear and it was all done in four hours! All six of us out as usual Wednesday night and F paid for it all to thank them for their hard work. On to the pub and our three men have now been recruited into the pub pool team. League starts in September but there will be regular practice nights before then. Team name is "Pissed and Broke".

Met with friendsL&K Thursday for lunch, which was great as we haven't seen them for a very long time. They have a new grandson, their first grandchild, so very exciting. Oh I can show you the gift I made as they've received it now. We had lunch at the pub, sitting outside, then came back here for tea, cake and lots more chat, all outside but in the shade as it's a very hot day. 

Friday, yikes, even hotter! 32°C here according to the app, however Daughter's thermometer is showing 42°C so Hubby took our thermometer around the garden and in full sun it was 42°C as well! I'm sitting in my garden in the shade and there's very little breeze! Phew!

And I'm still trying to find which neighbours would like these back,  unclaimed from the street party! 

As well as staying careful as they are still talking about rising covid numbers I'd also suggest staying covered in suntan lotion, in the shade, with a hat on and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated....... and if I haven't totally melted by then I'll be back here next week.

Saturday, 11 June 2022

A Very Social Week........

Of course we started this week with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations which for us and our neighbours meant bunting up ready. 

Saturday Son and fiancé came over for the day. He was worried his camper van would wipe out all the bunting, thankfully it was high enough. Their little dog took a shine to Hubby's chair and even made it rock a few times. 

Sunday morning, with the forecast of rain all day, three gazebos went up and with the empty space in the middle of the garage there would be instant shelter if we needed it. 

The garage also had the hot drinks stationed at the back and the food table along the side.... which actually had to grow to two tables and then another table was added over the other side! Nobody went hungry. 

We were so lucky with the weather, we started before noon and it was a bit chilly but stayed dry right up to about 4pm but the light drizzle didn't send anyone home or even under the gazebos. It wasn't until it got heavier at nearly 5pm that we all packed up anyway. So many people helping to put away tables and chairs that it was done quickly. Team work is good fun. 
These photos were taken quite early on and lots more people joined us as the day went on. 

Monday morning the usual gang still gathered at the end of the drives for coffee morning, which gave me the chance to share the few leftovers and give back some unclaimed containers/dishes/glasses/etc. Started raining so we only managed about an hour. 

Monday evening friendM had eight of us over for dinner to celebrate with friendHBW on her birthday. We were obviously having too much fun as nobody took any photos. One couple left about 11:30ish, Hubby and I left around 1am and apparently the other four carried on till after 3am!

Tuesday morning with the sun shining the bunting came down, the gazebos opened a little and dried and packed up, and life gets back to normal. (Although I've still got jubilee TV stuff recorded to catch up with).
In the afternoon Daughter, O and the dog fancied the walk to ours (takes them 30-40mins) and it was still lovely enough to have tea outside. Hubby took them home via picking up R from work. 
Tuesday evening was a girls catchup meal and to celebrate friendHM's birthday. Five of us (me and two others from Monday on our second night out) tried a restaurant we'd not been to before La Cueva Restaurant Easy parking nearby and in Ipswich most carparks are free after 6pm. Restaurant wasn't busy as it was Tuesday so we got lots of attention and the food was lovely. Even the ladies toilet was decorated quite elaborately

Wednesday evening and of course we were out again (and yes same three couples as Monday so us three girls on our third night running together!). 
Nice meal first in Prezzo where we are always well looked after as regulars. Then onto the pub. So good to see friendV there as we haven't seen him for ages. Not so good when our men found out the pool table had been booked out for the whole evening so they couldn't have a game. 

Friday Daughter, O and the dog came over for the day so she could sort out the best way to erect and make use of her Tudor tent. There was a bit of gluing and taping to make our spare pond liner into the right shape for a sturdy ground sheet. 
A new curtain went up to halve the seen space so behind she could add a small pop-up tent to give then warmer, dryer and more secure sleeping area. 
Their caravan cushions which would normally be their mattress only partially fitted so I've offered to make the two semi-circular ones to fill the gaps. Fingers crossed eh? 

Not much on the calender so far for the week ahead but we shall see. 
Enjoy the good weather.