Saturday, 16 February 2019

Theatre: My Mother Said I Never Should.....

‘In its revelation of mother-daughter emotions over the years, the play is without rivals. It is a classic.’ The Times 

Set in Manchester, Oldham and London, My Mother Said I Never Should is a poignant, bittersweet story about love, jealousy and the price of freedom. The play details the lives of four women through the immense social changes of the twentieth century. Using a kaleidoscopic time structure, Charlotte Keatley’s story focuses on four generations of one family as they confront the most significant moments of their lives. 

Written in 1985 and first staged at the Contact Theatre, Manchester, Charlotte Keatley’s award-winning play is the most commonly performed work by a female playwright worldwide.


Wow a truly powerful insight into the lives and relationships of five generations of the same family. The earliest generation isn't seen just talked about. And when the fourth generation was a baby in a basket her new born crying was so realistically voiced by an actress on stage.

Four brilliant actresses moving in and out of various points in their lives by a quick costume change starting with them as children playing dark games. The set is like wasteland of old broken toys and furniture like a bomb damaged area, these are broken damaged children.

Circumstance of birth, aspirations of class, perceived demands of society and trying to keep secrets all shaped the women and their relationships with each other.

Fantastic start to our theatre season.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

New year is all medical.......

Starting with an update on me, 14th Jan was the repeat op which thankfully went to plan and although a very long day I did get home at 10:30pm and sleep in my own bed yaay! So I didn't even need the two new nightdresses I bought and let hubby wrap as Christmas presents.  Now it's waiting for the biopsy report, which gets discussed at the big meeting and they will tell me what's next. My surgeon said he's recommending the internal chemo once a week for six weeks which is a strong preventative of new tumours growing. Only side effect of surgery I seem to have been left with is the very tip of my tongue is numb which nobody seems to have an answer for. My theory is it has to be some sort of nerve damage caused by intubation, but I can live with it.

Just now there are so many unwell people that I care and worry about....

AF - has been in hospital since early December, he already has diabetes and blood cancer and then developed lung disease. He's hoping to get home very soon but will need a bed downstairs, home-care help and a permanent supply of oxygen. 😔

This winter had seen so many people with the cold or flu ending with a dreadful cough that is persistent and draining.
ML - is now buying Tena lady because of the horrid cough. 😔

PP - seems to have some sort of IBS problem but is avoiding going to a doctor.  😔

MC - has just had spinal surgery this week, home now but in a lot of pain.  😔

LW - is suffering through another back spasm that is taking far too long to ease up.  😔

RC - had the planned knee replacement-replacement surgery also this week. He has really been poorly since which they think is a combination of the anesthetic and strong pain relief. This also means that PC is really worried, not sleeping or eating properly.  😔

SM - has had a blocked ear since Christmas (recurrent problem) and the olive oil isn't shifting it, so now I'm nudging her to see her gp again.  😔

RA - phoned yesterday for Hubby's help as he has lost the use of his legs, which we hope is temporary but haven't got details. Hubby needs to sort out his access gates or he can't get out with the borrowed mobility scooter. His wife SA has also been really poorly to the point of calling out paramedics. 😔

ET - is still doing dialysis three times a day at home and desperately waiting for a kidney transplant. 😔

AM - is part way through prostate cancer treatment. 😔

So count your blessings every day and don't waste any time you are fit and able to live well and have fun.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

The first 40 years for our first born......

I've so enjoyed finding all these ❤
Hope the page isn't too heavy and jams your computer/phone/reader.

A baby brother
Already a musician












Love my mum's expression at her 
granddaughter's unique hairstyles. 


And somedays you just don't 
want your photo taken! 

















And when she was a film extra



A woman of many characters! 
Actually this was taken just before midnight NYE so technically 2018, 
however we were celebrating her 2019 big birthday 😉