Sunday, 16 August 2009

More than one day at the seaside.....

Not sure what the pull of the sea is but I'm not alone as Brits flock to the sea at home or abroad all the time. Well I never cease to appreciate how lucky I am to live so near to the coast..........ok not luck at all but chose to live here!

I had a birthday this week and when asked what I wanted to do I said 'seaside'. So with Hubby, Daughter, Comedian, Olympian and LittleOne we went to Aldeburgh and had a lovely long walk while the girls used their scooters and then I was treated to an Italian lunch, followed by ice cream cones on our way back to the car and plenty of time on the beach. The girls really enjoyed being buried under the stones with just their heads showing and LittleOne seemed to really enjoy watching all that was going on.

That evening, as it was a Tuesday, I met the friends I eat with every Tuesday evening, but this week was different as friendJ cooked for us so we had a celebration evening. I had a great day.

Friday was another lovely hot and sunny day so Hubby and I headed to the seaside yet again. Felixstowe this time and first we went to Languard Fort and actually went inside to see the exhibition............we've lived here 26 years and never done it before! After that it was chips on the beach, my favourite, then a walk, then a pub stop so Hubby could have a pint and then an ice cream on the walk back to the car.

And our Daughter has just phoned to say she needs to kill some time at Felixstowe today (girls have a birthday party to go to there) and did we want to go for a walk with her.........of course I instantly said yes!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

About time too...

Enjoyed a great visit today from my special-friendH who has been part of my life since childhood. We have never lost contact and always involved in each other's special events like weddings, meeting each of our children as they have come along and been guests at their barmitzvahs and weddings too and now meeting grandchildren.

Of course we have shared the rough times too, though we sympathise and empathise and hug and weep together as we feel we must but have agreed not to dwell on the negatives!!!

We live about 60 miles apart and meet up at least three times a year, although most of the time it's me driving to hers.......but today she drove here, only 6 years after the last time.
Thank you H, I so loved you coming!