Friday, 16 June 2017

Love a discount......

Hubby and I drove over (he's just over an hour away) to take bilA to lunch as he has had a recent birthday.

Whenever I eat out I first check if where we are eating is included in our AA membership discount voucher which gives us 20% off and as bilA's local favourite is the Harvester it was included yaaay!

The day before in my emails I received another Harvester voucher that was a £10 off if you spend £30......even better!

It's not that we can't afford full price thankfully, or that we specifically eat in only the places that offer us incentives, it's just if they want to offer I'm more than happy to accept lol.

When we arrived at the restaurant we parked and all commented on the new and improved exterior, then through the doors to discover the interior had been given the full refurb treatment. We were greated by a very happy welcoming waitress who instantly told us today was 50% off as it was the first day to open after its makeover!

The food tasted even nicer knowing we had a super duper discount 😃😆😉