Monday, 31 May 2010

SATC2 - our epilogue.....

Following on from a very successful American series "Sex and the City" and the first feature film of the same name, this week has seen the UK premier of "Sex and the City 2". I've never actually watched any of the series or seen the film but my group of girl friends used to laugh at how we could have been characters.

The group of us that used to work together and then stayed in touch by going out together every Tuesday are all very different but round the table at the pub each week we looked forward to hearing about each other's news.

Now, those that used to shop with great extravagance and get excited telling us about each purchase are divorced or job-less so never have a penny spare.

Now, those that had interesting jobs and mixed with a variety of people daily can these days be seen at home with grandchildren. Not a bad thing and great fun for those involved but not so good as stories to share.

Now, those that used to have affairs and giggle and blush through the telling of their secretive antics have settled down with new partners.

And now, even the pub we had used for years is out of favour. Actually most of us have always hated that pub but I guess now our tolerance of each other has worn thin.

So perhaps it is the end of "Sex and the City" for us and possibly coming to the end of our regular Tuesday gatherings as we drift apart. I'm sure we will all remain friends even though we won't see each other regularly, but such a shame we will never be characters in "The Golden Girls".