Thursday, 24 December 2009

Prep, prep and yet more prep....

....and now it's Christmas Eve so apart from tomorrow's dinner all the prep should now be done!

I'm well prepared for the festive mood:
I've attended and totally enjoyed three Christmas meals, all traditional turkey dinners of course! The first was the usual Wednesday gang plus a couple of extras one of which was Hubby.
The second was a dinner and dance with the Tuesday girls where we were entertained by Neil Diamond(sound alike).
The third was with the x-work team at the place where we always had our Christmas meal, so nice that my traditions don't change much!

I'm well prepared on the giving:
All my presents are bought or made and wrapped and labelled and either under the tree for tomorrow or ready to take for our family gathering on the 27th or delivered to those we won't see.

I'm well prepared on provisions:
I make a list and Hubby does the shopping ;o)

So now all that's left is to get rid of this rotten cold and evil cough and enjoy myself.
I wish the whole world better health and more happiness than sadness for Christmas and the new year and all 2010.