Thursday, 21 January 2010

I've got a happy Hubby.......

......cos I gave in and said he can rebuild the bathroom!

Yes I live with a very enthusiastic and totally capable DIY man. Hubby can tackle plumbing, building, decorating, electrics, computing, landscaping, car repairs, in fact almost anything and does here and for all relations and friends who have ever known him. He is efficient, not too slow for a non professional and never leaves a mess - so why did I have to 'give in' on the bathroom? Well he retired nearly three years ago and then announced he wanted to do a makeover on both the bathroom and kitchen, both of which he built himself and I have to admit both looking 'tired', but I hate the shopping and the choosing and we rarely agree on what we want.

I really liked my 'retro' bathroom with it's avocado coloured suit and tiles, it looked homely and not perfect like hotel bathrooms but a little cluttered and comfortable. However, the main problem with 'retro' is the cost of having to repair or replace anything and the shower needed replacing as I was fed up of having to run around to get wet. Trouble was he had built the shower cubicle and tiled it all so to replace it would mean ripping off the tiles anyway. Well over Christmas I had that rotten cold and felt dreadful and the one thing I wanted was a good shower to wake me up a bit and refresh my sorry self - but that couldn't happen, so I called down the stairs dripping and grumpy "OK you get to rip out this bathroom and build me one that works!". Once said of course it couldn't be taken back!

So I'm sitting here listening to tiles crashing. We've chosen all the fixtures we want but still haven't found any tiles we like, so another trip out tomorrow (and the shopping and choosing is the bit I hate). All be worth it in the end, hopefully!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Has anyone mentioned the snow?

Well it has been the most reported UK weather for the past month that I can remember. The last couple of rainy days has almost washed it all away - but not quite - so I've been able to open my front door and look at snow for over a month!

For me personally I have been stuck in my car on the A14 for two hours because of lorries not being able to get over the bridge in the very sudden and very heavy snow fall. That night ended with me sleeping at friends and heading home the next day. Another night we were out and hubby was driving and the icy slippery road led to us bumping into the car that had bumped into the lorry that had skidded on a roundabout and narrowly missed bumping some oncoming traffic. Thankfully no-one was hurt and no real damage done.

But have to say that daily I thanked circumstances that I didn't have to try to get to work each day and could just curl up on the sofa in the warm with my book.