Friday, 22 May 2009

End of my old life......

Last day in the office - just came in to hand back laptop, mobile phone etc
BBB is here and we have drank tea and chatted like always.
Does seem odd but happy to walk away now and ready for my next adventure!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Busy birthdays....

Although Comedien and Olympian don't actually turn 7 for another week, this weekend we celebrated (they are with their dad next weekend). Saturday morning Olympian and I went to gymnastics and Hubby collected Daughter, Sool, Comedien, Dynamo and LittleOne - so by lunchtime we were all at my house! After lunch they opened their presents from Daughter and Sool and from each other and their main present was a kareoke machine!!!!! Can you guess how the afternoon was spent eh? We rounded off the evening with a Chinese Takeaway feast.

Sunday was the big party - they had chosen to have a Cave and Animal party. So their bell tent was erected in our garden to be the cave and it was filled with soft toy animals. Comedien, Olympian and Dynamo were in animal fur costumes and Daughter wore an animal print headband and even I managed to find a top that was a sort of animal print too.

Daughter and I loaded the table with mostly home cooked food and Hubby had printed off some caveman and Flintstones posters to stick up round the place. 1pm and our home filled up nicely with about 40 lovely people (about 50:50 adults to children). The children all amused themselves and each other - all getting along well even though some are friends from home-ed groups, some from gymnastics and one relation and various ages too! Meanwhile the adults chatted lots and drank lots of tea, made by various people and many of them taking turns to cuddle LittleOne as this is his first social function too!

All too soon it was 7:30pm and all the guests had gone and Hubby loaded the car with Daughter's family and took them home...........then I had less than an hour to clear up before going out myself, you should have seen me go through the place like a whirl-wind, I do work better under pressure!

And now today Daughter, LittleOne and the girls are back here so the girls can concentrate on going through all their prezzies properly! They will have more when their presents from me and Granddad arrive (ordered on-line and partly arrived), then they will have more again at their daddy's next weekend so a very long birthday indeed.

Quote of the day from Conmedien........"The best thing about parties is there is always lots of leftovers for lunch the next day!"

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Small person, big humour.......

Last night I was driving home with Comedien after her gymnastics session. We were chatting about how windy it was and I said I was surprised my washing had stayed on the line, "Some things could have blown over fences as far as the Tesco roundabout" I exagerated.

She smiled and said "Actually Grandma, has Tesco got automatic doors?

I could instantly picture where her imagination had taken her.......then we laughed and laughed!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Better but still not normal....

.......whatever normal is of course!

Main thing is that my very special and brave Daughter is on the mend, although somewhat slowly all progress is good.

I'm coming to terms with not going into the office, actually went in yesterday which felt odd, but just for the morning as we had our team leavers lunch at our favourite pub on the river. BBB paid for lunch as they have promised him £50 towards it to go on expenses, which I don't get as I've not been there long enough (well I have in reality but that's another whole story). Also a big surprise when BBB pulled out a bottle of wine and cards for each of us as a thank you for services supplied - he is such a sweetheart and I will so miss working with him.

After yet another session at gymnastics with Olympian I met up with my Tuesday friends and the main topic of conversation was the previous weekend, which was a girly sleepover at BfriendM's house. This included a really lovely three course dinner BfriendM cooked us then out for a bit of a pub crawl and long walks in between then home again and partied till 4am then finally to bed. The morning is always amusing as we are definitely not the party animals of the night before, more like the walking dead, but another long walk along the prom to the cliff top cafe for breakfast (at lunchtime) blew the cobwebs away for a while, but we all headed home soon after.

Hubby had been away last weekend too - his was a bit of male bonding on a walking weekend up in Yorkshire and as he had done the driving he was knackered too. So we both blurted out all that had happened then fell silent for the rest of the evening :o)

Only other thing to mention is my lack of efficiency lately - sitting at a desk all day I had a routine, checked my diary, sent out cards on time, paid bills on time, made phone calls when my PC went ping to remind me and all that.......but my life is no longer automated so I'm going to have to find another way!
All suggestions will be seriously considered.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Don't want to blog today........

I really wanted this space to record all the fun and happy times we have...

- so I don't want to blog that I'm sitting in the office today without having a job anymore
- and I don't want to blog that yesterday's funeral had only 6 members of real family there
- and I don't want to blog that un-real family were picking over the house like vultures
- and I don't want to blog that my precious Daughter isn't feeling any better
- and I don't want to blog that Hubby is hurting and I'm not in a good place to give him support

so I won't!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wife's worries......

3:34am and I squint at the clock across the space where Hubby should be - guess he's gone to the loo, so I listen a bit but can't hear bathroom noises. Oh dear if he's gone down stairs because he couldn't sleep then I'm sure it must be because he is worrying about our Daughter's poor health or feeling really sad about his father's funeral which is later today or turning over and over in his mind all the sorting out of his father's finances and belongings he has to do as he's been made executor or worse still a combination of all these worries and emotions relating to all of these things. So I get up and creep down the stairs, feeling oh so sad for him. I walk into the lounge and there he is under a blanket on the sofa watching a very old Startrek and my sympathies ooze into a flurry of words, asking what is wrong and if I can help in any way................but apparently the problem was my snoring, so I crept back up the stairs with all emotions replaced by guilt.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mum's worries.......

Bank holiday weekend so had my darling Daughter over with her family at our house for each of the three days, she has been going crazy stuck in her house all this time. Hubby is still playing chaufeaur as she can't drive and I'm sure there were lots of fun and amusing things I should be writing down to remember but the main thing on my mind right now is worrying as my very precious Daughter is still suffering a lot and had to be rushed again to the out of hours clinic last night to be seen by a nurse as she was in so much pain yesterday, turns out it's another bladder infection, so yet more anti-biotics. The nurse wasn't sure if it was OK to take this one while breastfeeding and he looked it up in the book and said "can't see anything that says it's not so it should be OK" which didn’t fill Daughter with a whole lot of confidence then when she got home and showed me and I told her that was the one I was allergic to so she really didn't want to take them………but she looked it up on the internet and found evidence that it was safe to take while feeding and did take it but still had a terrible night although thankfully feels a bit better this morning. Hubby is taking her shortly for yet another appointment at the hospital so hopefully they can still do the tests needed to give her the all clear and remove the catheter. She'll feel so much better when that's gone I'm sure!

Meanwhile, her best friend is taking the girls to a first aid course and then I'll take Olympian to gymnastics this afternoon. But for now I'm logged on to work and as our department closed down last Thursday I'm really not sure if I should be doing anything!!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Social me.....

What a relief to have some fun social things to write about for a change :o)

My Wednesday nights have for the past 20 years (or maybe more) been spent with BfriendM. It started because her husband (now ex) worked nights so one night a week I went over to keep her company and share a bottle of Lambrusco and a garlic bread. Now it is a full blown dinner party every week at the home she shares with her chapP. I'd missed going to M+P's for the previous two weeks because of all that has happened but thankfully last Wednesday Hubby managed to take over from me at gymnastics so I could get to M+P's in time for dinner and I took dessert as always. BfriendM's sister H was there too and she brought her new man, (also H which is going to get soooo confussing), for us to meet. We had stories of her recent trip to Rome and heard plans of their trip to Venice and Greece which is happening soon. So lots to talk about and lots of laughs too. I really felt like I'd relaxed for the first time in the last couple of weeks.

Thursday was another social event which I enjoyed even more because it was the final day for my job, which could have been a sad day but instead I chose to take a three hour lunch break and with Hubby visited friends Mr+MrsA then all to a lovely village pub in the sunshine, followed by a little drive round some villages before heading home............yes there is a lot more to life than working :o)