Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wife's worries......

3:34am and I squint at the clock across the space where Hubby should be - guess he's gone to the loo, so I listen a bit but can't hear bathroom noises. Oh dear if he's gone down stairs because he couldn't sleep then I'm sure it must be because he is worrying about our Daughter's poor health or feeling really sad about his father's funeral which is later today or turning over and over in his mind all the sorting out of his father's finances and belongings he has to do as he's been made executor or worse still a combination of all these worries and emotions relating to all of these things. So I get up and creep down the stairs, feeling oh so sad for him. I walk into the lounge and there he is under a blanket on the sofa watching a very old Startrek and my sympathies ooze into a flurry of words, asking what is wrong and if I can help in any way................but apparently the problem was my snoring, so I crept back up the stairs with all emotions replaced by guilt.

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