Sunday, 3 May 2009

Social me.....

What a relief to have some fun social things to write about for a change :o)

My Wednesday nights have for the past 20 years (or maybe more) been spent with BfriendM. It started because her husband (now ex) worked nights so one night a week I went over to keep her company and share a bottle of Lambrusco and a garlic bread. Now it is a full blown dinner party every week at the home she shares with her chapP. I'd missed going to M+P's for the previous two weeks because of all that has happened but thankfully last Wednesday Hubby managed to take over from me at gymnastics so I could get to M+P's in time for dinner and I took dessert as always. BfriendM's sister H was there too and she brought her new man, (also H which is going to get soooo confussing), for us to meet. We had stories of her recent trip to Rome and heard plans of their trip to Venice and Greece which is happening soon. So lots to talk about and lots of laughs too. I really felt like I'd relaxed for the first time in the last couple of weeks.

Thursday was another social event which I enjoyed even more because it was the final day for my job, which could have been a sad day but instead I chose to take a three hour lunch break and with Hubby visited friends Mr+MrsA then all to a lovely village pub in the sunshine, followed by a little drive round some villages before heading home............yes there is a lot more to life than working :o)

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