Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Better but still not normal....

.......whatever normal is of course!

Main thing is that my very special and brave Daughter is on the mend, although somewhat slowly all progress is good.

I'm coming to terms with not going into the office, actually went in yesterday which felt odd, but just for the morning as we had our team leavers lunch at our favourite pub on the river. BBB paid for lunch as they have promised him £50 towards it to go on expenses, which I don't get as I've not been there long enough (well I have in reality but that's another whole story). Also a big surprise when BBB pulled out a bottle of wine and cards for each of us as a thank you for services supplied - he is such a sweetheart and I will so miss working with him.

After yet another session at gymnastics with Olympian I met up with my Tuesday friends and the main topic of conversation was the previous weekend, which was a girly sleepover at BfriendM's house. This included a really lovely three course dinner BfriendM cooked us then out for a bit of a pub crawl and long walks in between then home again and partied till 4am then finally to bed. The morning is always amusing as we are definitely not the party animals of the night before, more like the walking dead, but another long walk along the prom to the cliff top cafe for breakfast (at lunchtime) blew the cobwebs away for a while, but we all headed home soon after.

Hubby had been away last weekend too - his was a bit of male bonding on a walking weekend up in Yorkshire and as he had done the driving he was knackered too. So we both blurted out all that had happened then fell silent for the rest of the evening :o)

Only other thing to mention is my lack of efficiency lately - sitting at a desk all day I had a routine, checked my diary, sent out cards on time, paid bills on time, made phone calls when my PC went ping to remind me and all that.......but my life is no longer automated so I'm going to have to find another way!
All suggestions will be seriously considered.

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