Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mum's worries.......

Bank holiday weekend so had my darling Daughter over with her family at our house for each of the three days, she has been going crazy stuck in her house all this time. Hubby is still playing chaufeaur as she can't drive and I'm sure there were lots of fun and amusing things I should be writing down to remember but the main thing on my mind right now is worrying as my very precious Daughter is still suffering a lot and had to be rushed again to the out of hours clinic last night to be seen by a nurse as she was in so much pain yesterday, turns out it's another bladder infection, so yet more anti-biotics. The nurse wasn't sure if it was OK to take this one while breastfeeding and he looked it up in the book and said "can't see anything that says it's not so it should be OK" which didn’t fill Daughter with a whole lot of confidence then when she got home and showed me and I told her that was the one I was allergic to so she really didn't want to take them………but she looked it up on the internet and found evidence that it was safe to take while feeding and did take it but still had a terrible night although thankfully feels a bit better this morning. Hubby is taking her shortly for yet another appointment at the hospital so hopefully they can still do the tests needed to give her the all clear and remove the catheter. She'll feel so much better when that's gone I'm sure!

Meanwhile, her best friend is taking the girls to a first aid course and then I'll take Olympian to gymnastics this afternoon. But for now I'm logged on to work and as our department closed down last Thursday I'm really not sure if I should be doing anything!!!

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