Thursday, 30 December 2010

Let's end the fatigue....

So another winter is passing with me feeling like crap, curled up on the sofa under a blanket. This year it's shingles plus a rotten cold and cough. I've read on lots of websites that shingles is brought on by stress.....well last year it was post viral fatigue syndrome that had me laid up for nearly three months andd told that was stress too! But I've never felt stressed or seen myself as a stressy person so what's that all about?

Well I've decided that the only person that can de-stress me is ME so I need to improve my FOOD (not a full log just the good foods), FITNESS (anything that gets me off my arse) and FUN (anything that I've chosen to do just cos I want to) and the rest should sort itself out hopefully.

So as much as I wanted to confess all in my very private blog I've been brave and started my confessional here....

So far today
FOOD = banana
FITNESS = braved a shower with my sore rash, going for a walk with the grandchildren in Rendlesham Forest
FUN = that'll be the walk too
+FOOD = grapes and dates, but not enough to be my 5-a-day
FITNESS / FUN = walk ended up at Shotley instead but still nice. Fresh air didn't clear my head at all in fact it made it worse but glad I got out for a short while.