Saturday, 18 February 2012

End of my winter....

Need to do a quick catch up as today we'll finish all the packing and tomorrow Hubby and I fly to Florida for 10 days holiday with SisterM and bilA. We get back on the 1st March so I truly expect winter to be gone and spring to have sprung!

I've had 2 really rotten head colds this winter and the second one was last weekend when we went off to visit our Son and his FiancĂ© (they live about 200 miles from our home). When we arrived we found poor son suffering with a cold himself, so we sniffed and coughed together! He said he was pleased I already had a cold as this way he couldn't be blamed for me catching a cold off him which spoils my holiday...all heart!

We had a really lovely weekend with them, firstly to see the flat they live in which is on the market so likely to be the first and last time we see it, and secondly to celebrate Hubby's 60th birthday. Friday evening we ate in and were plied with lots of food including a packet of chocolate biscuits to take back to the B&B. Saturday we walked from the B&B to their flat (a mile and a half but all slightly downhill so not far at all) and it was bitterly cold, bright red nose, pockets bulging with tissues and a scarf wrapped round my head under the hood of my long 'duvet' coat I must have looked stunning! When we arrived they had decorated the lounge with balloons and a long "60 today" banner, there was a huge flashing 60 badge and presents. Morning coffee and hot cross buns and biscuits all on offer (I declined while Hubby munched away) then all out for a lovely walk around Bath admiring the architecture and landscape, shame it was such a grey day! We only fancied a stop for teas and coffees, and it was nice to sit in the warm again! Think it was -5C that day! Then out for a meal in the evening which everyone enjoyed and looked lovely but unfortunately I couldn't really taste it.

Sunday we drove down to their flat as we had checked out of the B&B so couldn't stay parked there but did have a bit of a problem finding a parking space as they live so near the centre of Bath, even though Son had a resident's guest parking permit for us. We stayed in chatting and lots more tea and lots of lunch then left just before 2pm to head home via SisterS to pick her up and bring her home with us. Think we eventually got home at 7pm. We were all happy with light supper and flop in front of the TV.

Monday SisterS and I spent a long morning in town and we both bought some clothes then home for a late lunch just as it started getting drizzly. Hubby was out in the evening bowling and we went out for a meal and cinema evening. Meal was lovely but the choice of film was not the best. The Descendants staring George Clooney had had such great reviews and been nominated for so many awards......but it was sooooo boring, and we both said the same! Never mind it was a night out and we were grateful that it was showing in screen 11 of our cinema as that had been the premier screen with comfier seats, foot rests and a much better view!

Tuesday was Hubby's actual birthday, so lots of cards and presents and I'd pinned up the banner that Son had sent me home with. Hubby had to go out first thing to meet Daughter at the garage where she has taken her car in so that she can bring him home then use my car. Then the plan was to all meet at the pub at noon for a celebration lunch. We had chosen lunch as it's easier with the children and chosen this pub as it has a Fun Factory soft play area so that O would have all his running around needs catered for. The plan only went slightly askew when Daughter text to say "running a little late as have a key problem" so a quick phone call and because we hadn't reached the pub either yet we turned around and went to her house first to give her my car keys (she had mislaid the spare I'd given her). Meanwhile I'm on my phone googling for the pub's phone number and then ringing them to say we are running late and please don't give our table away! It's half term week and the place was heaving so I was right to ring ahead or we could have had a problem! After all that excitement lunch was perfect. Everyone liked what they had ordered from the menu, all ate plenty, children played plenty, lots of special price deals too  :o)  Then all back here for the rest of the day. Daughter and children went home about 8pm then again we flopped in front of the TV. So pleased I record what I like and SisterS likes much the same......except she introduced me to the "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" which I sat through but could have done without lol.

Wednesday came all too soon and SisterS had her train ticked booked for noon, so by the time we had sorted ourselves out it was just a short mooch around our local Farmer's Food Hall and Garden Centre, then we took her to the station. It was so lovely to have her stay again and we even talked of having a summer holiday together with my hubby and hers too. Home and very soon after Daughter and 2 out of 3 children arrived and stayed........never a moment to get bored!

So that brings us to Thursday when I managed to fight my way through six loads of washing and finding enough clothes horses and space to get it dry and lots of ironing for the things we plan to take, and printing off lists of the things that need doing before a holiday. Friday Daughter and children came as usual and Daughter made us a lovely roast chicken dinner and O made us his famous apple crumble while the girls spent all day E with her crochet and R with her knitting and me helping!

Phew, all caught up. Hope this long post didn't send you to sleep. Next post will be March and hopefully tales of a fun filled Florida trip.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Social networking...

When we first moved into this house (nearly 30 years ago) our neighbours were so friendly and welcoming and we so appreciated it. Over the years we've shared Christmas drinks, New Year parties, street parties and garden BBQs, (mostly here I have to say) children's play dates and even holidays with our next door neighbours. Well our children grew up and I guess we all got more involved with our own lives, full time jobs etc and we all often just waved as we drove past a neighbour in our cars! However since Hubby and I have been retired I've noticed more and more of our neighbours around during the day.

Yesterday we hosted our first coffee morning and there were 14 of us round the table constantly chatting, so with a never ending supply of coffee and tea (spent half my time at the kettle) biscuits and cake everyone declared it a great success and loving the fact that I've said I'll host it on the first Monday of every month  :)

Social networking face to face is definitely the best way!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Weather report...

Woke up to a small covering of snow on Saturday morning and a big covering of snow on Sunday morning. Most magical and so good that Granddaughter E had sleep over Saturday night, so well bundled up with all the extra layers we could find she went out to build her snowman while Hubby joined some of the other neighbours clearing the road. We live at the top of a hill with two bends in the road so bad weather often stops cars getting up and down if it's not cleared and gritted quickly, thankfully our little band are usually out quite quickly.

Of course while the men were all down the hill E looked quite lonely in the front garden by herself so reluctantly I pulled on my clobber and joined her outside. Shovelling snow in her direction I managed to clear all our front path and about half of our drive and actually enjoyed it   :o)

Loved opening the curtains this morning to be greeted by the snowman still smiling and there by the front of the house to welcome visitors!