Monday, 6 February 2012

Weather report...

Woke up to a small covering of snow on Saturday morning and a big covering of snow on Sunday morning. Most magical and so good that Granddaughter E had sleep over Saturday night, so well bundled up with all the extra layers we could find she went out to build her snowman while Hubby joined some of the other neighbours clearing the road. We live at the top of a hill with two bends in the road so bad weather often stops cars getting up and down if it's not cleared and gritted quickly, thankfully our little band are usually out quite quickly.

Of course while the men were all down the hill E looked quite lonely in the front garden by herself so reluctantly I pulled on my clobber and joined her outside. Shovelling snow in her direction I managed to clear all our front path and about half of our drive and actually enjoyed it   :o)

Loved opening the curtains this morning to be greeted by the snowman still smiling and there by the front of the house to welcome visitors!

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