Monday, 4 April 2011

Weekend by the sea....

My BestFriendM gave me her holiday cottage for the weekend to take my SisterM (who is poorly) and our two husbands. Here's my 'thank-you' email to her below...

From: me
To: BestFriendM
Subject: Lovely weekend
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 08:20:02 +0100

Hi BestFriendM
We really did have a lovely weekend, thank you :o)

Before we saw you Friday, SisterM had unpacked and said how lovely the cottage felt, and we had been out for a walk along the beach (up the bank and turn right) in the late afternoon sunshine so everything sparkled. Dinner in the FBI was OK (to be honest nothing great which surprised me) but we all enjoyed it and I'd had a glass of wine before we went and I'd taken a bottle of Baileys and had a large one when we got back so I was nicely relaxed!

Saturday while we lazily pottered SisterM also said what great taste you have and how she loved the way you'd furnished and she really liked the bed linen on the double and all your ornaments etc. She was amazed how you provided EVERYTHING and that you did all your own cleaning "as it's spotless"! Have to say that they are not always the easiest to please but this pleased them both a lots.......isn't it great that they loved it as much as we already do :o)))

Saturday we walked to the jetty and had a lovely chat with FriendA, then back to the FBI at 11am to meet some friends SisterM and bilA had made on their New Zealand holiday but haven't seen since, they live in Colchester and come to Felixstowe a lot so when they knew M&A would be there they came specially to see them. Then we went for another walk (down by the pier end) and a cafe lunch, then to the shops, then to Languard Fort and Bencotto's for dinner - got there 6:45pm and that was perfect as it soon got very busy indeed, soooo glad I'd rang you! Again enjoyed the wine before and the Baileys after so quite a boozy weekend for me hahahaha

Sunday market of course and chips on the front and a long walk along the prom then unfortunately our final tourist stop was A&E as the wound on SisterM's permanent stomach drain had been weeping a lot and the dressing was pulling and quite sore. Can't believe she came out of hospital on Tuesday and hadn't even been contacted by the district nurse yet! Anyway luckily we were only in there for an hour and a half and she said she was so pleased I'd bullied her into going as she felt relieved that they had looked at it and there was no infection and it just needed a change of dressing. Phew.

So, the key is in the letter box as requested, I'd stripped the beds and with the used towels heaped the laundry by the washing machine but unfortunately as we ended up leaving in a bit of a rush for A&E I forgot to put the rubbish out, sorry. 

Thank you so much.
love you lots xxxxxxx