Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Social networking...

When we first moved into this house (nearly 30 years ago) our neighbours were so friendly and welcoming and we so appreciated it. Over the years we've shared Christmas drinks, New Year parties, street parties and garden BBQs, (mostly here I have to say) children's play dates and even holidays with our next door neighbours. Well our children grew up and I guess we all got more involved with our own lives, full time jobs etc and we all often just waved as we drove past a neighbour in our cars! However since Hubby and I have been retired I've noticed more and more of our neighbours around during the day.

Yesterday we hosted our first coffee morning and there were 14 of us round the table constantly chatting, so with a never ending supply of coffee and tea (spent half my time at the kettle) biscuits and cake everyone declared it a great success and loving the fact that I've said I'll host it on the first Monday of every month  :)

Social networking face to face is definitely the best way!

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