Tuesday, 1 January 2013



I don't feel the need to reflect on the year just gone, I've blogged anything of note, I've learned from various events but most importantly I've created and stored lots of memories and I hope I've added to the memories of others.

We celebrated the turn of year with neighbours and friends P&A and a Chinese takeaway yummy. Midnight and our street had lots of people outside shouting greetings above the bang and whizz of lots of fireworks. A really lovely evening.

The year ahead for me must always hold hopes and dreams and a promise that I will always do my best at whatever I choose to do. I've holidays to research and look forward to as Brother-in-law A wants us to go to Venice with him and SisterS and her hubbyK want us to holiday with them again in August. As for the rest I would like to eat a bit less and move a bit more so maybe I'd comfortably enjoy a bit more of whatever we do but no special goals, just hoping to have fun.

Say hi when you pass through and let me know how 2013 shapes up for you.

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