Thursday, 3 January 2013

Playing our tune....

Daughter's birthday followed the same pattern it always does and I love it and really look forward to it and I believe she does too.

We arrange for the children to be entertained by granddad or M or both and Daughter and I have the day together just us, shopping in the sales for whatever she chooses and sitting chatting over lunch and afternoon tea. When we get home all together it's usually a takeaway dinner.

This year Daughter, M and all three children were unwell with coughs and streaming noses of varying degrees. O stayed with M at their house and the girls came to be with granddad and Daughter and I went to town on a grey very drizzly day.

Thankfully Daughter wasn't coughing too much and we had quite a successful shop, lovely lunch and tea break using up the whole 5 hours we put on the car park ticket.

Poorly people meant nobody seemed to have the enthusiasm for takeaway so I threw stuff in the oven and they all managed to nibble their way through it while slouched on the sofas in front of the tv. This was of course followed by birthday cake (that O and M bought) with candles and singing and then they all went home for an early night.

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