Thursday, 31 January 2013

Miscellaneous catchup....

So many little things to mention...

* O had been asking for a 'just him' sleepover for a while and we did that Monday night. He had asked specifically to be in the middle of our bed. He was brilliant, good as gold (as the saying goes) and it was lovely waking up with my precious little boy in my bed even if I did have to get up with him at 6am! When we got up, with a very serious face, he asked "Grandma, who is that sleeping in your bed?" I said "it's Granddad, didn't it look like him?" "No" he said "he should have his glasses on!".

* FriendK popped by for a flying visit on Wednesday. We used to do such a lot together when our children were school age but lifestyle changes meant we went off in totally different directions and see each other rarely now, however, that may change as she is working towards retirement later this year so will be around a bit more and we should be able to arrange to do things together.

* Daughter owned a half of a mini kiln that she bought with a friend and stored and used it at the friend's house as she has a very suitable outbuilding for messy clay work. Well the routines for both daughter and her friend changed making craft time together difficult to fit in. Daughter had almost no use of it for the last three years and her friend has gone to classes and done so much clay work with her children that they are more than ready to upgrade to a bigger kiln. So the sensible thing was for daughter to buy out her friend but of course she has no space for it.........guess what is now set up in our shed ;-)

* Party last Saturday night for a friend of Hubby's who has reached 60. They are friends from bowling so our table quickly grew with other bowling friends pulling up chairs. We gave FriendB a lift there and back. It was a very cold night and there was still a lot of snow on the ground but driving home was when the rain started and it was heavy most of the night so all our snow was washed away by morning.

* Only one night out for me this week and that was to our usual pub in Felixstowe where 7 of us had dinner at our usual round table. Also had FriendN contacting me this week to arrange meeting for lunch, we haven't met up for over a year so definitely overdue and as he has recently retired he's keen to catchup.

* Seems all of a sudden O has outgrown all his knitwear so Daughter asked if I wanted a bit of knitting to do. Found this unisex pattern on Ravelry and O told me his favourite colour is "all of them" :-)  So popped into town this morning and bought a multicoloured chunky wool and some 6.5mm circular needles. I always prefer to support the small independent shop, which is where I bought the wool, needles and buttons but they didn't have the double-pointed size I needed so we drove to our only other shop that sells wool and more (it's a Franklin's, is that part if a chain?) but they didn't have the size needed either so came home and ordered them online. Had to pay post and packing which has made them seem expensive but actually is cheaper compared to the fuel and parking costs of going into town again.

* I've been trying to arrange a birthday meal out for Hubby but our children are never in the same place at the same time! So we need to have an evening meal with our son and his fiancée the Saturday before and another celebration as lunch with our daughter and children on his actual birthday, so far he doesn't know about either. I still haven't got a clue what to get him and he hasn't come up with any suggestions either. Only got till valentine's day so not long arrrggghhhh


Michelle said...

He doesn't read this then?

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Definitely not Michelle, he hates all forms of social networking :-)

Michelle said...

What about the pub?

MumB / @mumbosh said...

:-) Should have said 'online' social networking.