Monday, 28 January 2013

Real life baking...

I loved watching the Great British Bake Off and have enjoyed even more the Comic Relief version that has just been on. I think it is far more inspiring for me, the average home cook, to watch someone who is not really into baking but is willing to give it a go, sometimes with accidents of burning or falling apart pastry cases or similar but still managing to end up with tasty edible cookies and cakes.

Of course in real life there are accidents and mistakes so watching professionals or very talented and well practiced amateurs in a masterchef type competition often puts me off a bit, as if managing to reach their standard would be beyond me so better not to try. Also there is the issue of what I cook I eat and unnecessary calories 'should not' be my regular friend.

However, I am baking almost daily just now, there were raisin rockbun/cookies on Thursday, spicy apple rockbun/cookies on Friday (I say cookies as they taste like rock buns but spread a bit too much in the oven so looked like cookies), then it was a huge chocolate cake on Sunday mmmm. The main excuse for  all this is the kitchen revamp is getting nearer and I'll be without a proper kitchen for I don’t know how long, plus I'm moving over from gas to electric so even when it is ready to use I'll need playing with a convection oven and induction hob time before throwing ingredients together becomes just instinct again.

I so hate change and we still have lots of choosing, deciding, and designing tweeks to do but I've managed with a broken oven for far too long (everything has to cook on gas mark 9) and my DIY hubby can't just replace the cooker :-)
Hey we could end up really healthy with salads and fresh fruit so that's a very big bonus.

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