Friday, 25 January 2013

Mmmm stew.....

I've my huge 15 pint saucepan on the hob with beef stew that has bubbled there most of the day and dumplings on top too. I've had to share some of it with Daughter and R who needed to eat early then rush off to R's dance lesson. I'd fed E and O even earlier but E's veggy so she didn't get any stew! Hubby and I will have ours a little later but it smells so yummy that I'm even taking up a bit of time sitting here writing about it mmmmmmm.

Ingredients plus other groceries were here thanks to Ocado :-)
We have done online shopping a few times with Sainsbury, however Hubby has always done the shopping because he enjoys it and since our local Asda was built he loves taking a walk there to buy and get fresh air and exercise. So the shopping list only grows long with less important needs or heavy to carry items.

Sainsbury online has been fine, however this time Hubby had been emailed a code for £20 off our first Ocado order so yes please and thank you very much!

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