Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Local weather report....

Very local in fact as I haven't left the house hahaha
This was yesterday afternoon

As you can see not too much on the ground at this point. What is there was from the snow showers on Monday and the children came over as it had all but gone out of their garden so managed to play with what was left here and after the throwing and screaming and arguing subsided together they made some little snow creatures.

A snuggle with wheat bags and water bottle and some computer time for them to get a good warm through then late lunch and they went home.

Thankfully just in time for this bad weather we now have a council provided grit bin in the close and Hubby went out around 10pm last night to spread some grit on our road. We live in a small close but it's uphill and has two bends so icy roads can be quite hazardous. 

Now I've the waiting game to see how the weather is during today so I can decide if there might be a problem going out tonight.


Hannah said...

We have about three times that amount of snow and they haven't bothered to grit the roads, yet. Tis pretty, though.
I hope you manage to get out safely.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

No fresh snow today so getting out this evening won't be a problem. I hope there are no accidents where you live because of ungritted roads!