Sunday, 30 June 2013

The long sleepover - part 5...

Yay I managed to buy a bun net, how happy that has made me, I've studied you tube tutorials and had a successful first attempt practice on R which she approved, now I'm fully equipped to send R off to her dance exam Sunday looking good with her hair in the recommend bun at the back :-)

Thursday was finally getting round to the couple of science experiments she had mentioned  last week...

Making clouds (not very successful)

Sucking an egg into a bottle (moderately successful)

Make water rise up inside a jar (totally successful)

Then it was time to shower and hair wash and pack an overnight bag for a sleepover at her friend's house. Ha ha does that count as a double sleepover?

R was brought back after her dance lesson which she does with this same friend so her mum was happy to take them both. Thought she might get here hungry so had saved her a dinner for just in case and she was really pleased about that.

Up early again Saturday and off to the last drama group for this term. The end of term play was very funny and very well acted. Both Hubby and M came too and really enjoyed it. It was the Fairy Tale Bafta Awards night and the cast were all traditional fairy tale characters, R was the big bad wolf.

The rest of the day was a bit of ipoding and bike riding for R, picture sorting, laundry sorting and housework for me and picture hanging, pond maintenance and bike mechanic for Hubby. Hubby and R ended their day with one of their special curry nights out at the Indian Restaurant. I really hate curry !!!

Sunday morning and another "out of bed and get ready" day.  This time R had the dance exam, she was doing the jive.

She said it wasn't her best jive but she thinks it was more than good enough for a pass.

A little bit of relax time at home as I'd already gathered all our temporary lodger's things together and put them in the car, then it was off to collect M and the four if us went out for a yummy carvery Sunday dinner.

Hubby bought the drinks and dinners and M bought the desserts (I did resist my own dessert but asked for an extra spoon *wink*) so thank you to both it was lovely. Then we took M home and deposited R and all her stuff there too. I think she is back here next weekend as the others are all back at Kentwell as I've been told the final weekend is the best.

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