Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The long sleepover, part 2....

Tuesday and R was full of cold, poor thing. It was a bit of a nothing day for her by choice as she had read out to me about four different science experiments she wanted to do but never actually got round to doing any of them. She did make the rhubarb crumble which wasn't too labour intensive as the rhubarb had been pulled, washed, chopped and cooked on Sunday. The rest of the day seemed to be mainly on the ipod in a skype conversation with M or on minecraft.

4:30pm till 6pm she had Creative Computing Club led by M, but as she had finished her part of the project she spent a lot of that time on minecraft too!

I have to say this cold has given her a really good appetite, she's eating loads which is unusual for her as she can be more of a grazer than a meal eater.

And for the rest of us yesterday, it was an early start as Hubby had phoned in a fault on the solar panels system and the electrician was coming at 7:30am. The loft ladder opens into my bedroom so I had to be up. R and I were in our dressing gowns hiding in the lounge when he arrived and Hubby took him up into the loft. He was a huge bloke but thankfully made it through the loft hatch although only just.

I ran the dishwasher once and the washing machine twice making good use of our free energy (I'm sure the novelty will wear off very soon). The sun was shining and it was quite warm outside but humid so the washing didn't really dry well and it's pouring with rain this morning, so it will be clothes horses upstairs and underwear in the airing cupboard again.

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