Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Game of Golf - theatre.....

This was another very funny play in the Intimate Exchanges series at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. This was the third for me, I believe there are eight in the whole series. I actually had to forfeit going to one of FriendM's excellent dinner parties for this, but it was worth it.


“The temptation to come back for more is irresistible”
The Guardian
Farcical comings and goings on a golf course leave Miles up to his neck in a bunker trying to figure out whether to give his beleaguered marriage one last shot, in this final laugh-out-loud instalment.
A Game of Golf is part of Intimate Exchanges, a series of plays by Alan Ayckbourn, in which just two actors play every single character exploring how even the tiniest, careless choices we make in our lives can have enormous consequences.
It’s the ultimate theatrical game of love and chance, and an absolute comic delight. We’ve chosen the four funniest and most poignant plays in the series to be part of our 2013 season, so whether you’re only able to join us for a single episode, or like thousands of people who’ve seen Intimate Exchanges over the years you find that you have to know what ‘Fate’ has in store next for Ayckbourn’s wonderful cast of characters, and decide to join us for two, three or all four instalments, you can be sure of an experience packed full of razor wit and lightning costume changes!

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