Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Praise where it's deserved....

We are all usually very vocal when something isn't right or someone has let us down but often forget to highlight or acknowledge when things go according to plan or better.

This morning I needed both blood tests and x-rays and I was in and out of the hospital in an hour, which included walking all those corridors to find where we needed to be. So efficient (we were there early so short queues) and all the staff were so pleasant and smiley.

It's nothing major, just that I actually needed another prescription for some anti-inflammatory painkillers and that needed a GP appointment.  My first problem was discovering that our surgery has just changed their appointment system and the new system had only been in practice for one day so some poor explaining by the receptionist and confusion for me. When I did get my appointment I was really pleased to see my favourite GP back, don't think I've seen her for about five years as she left and now thankfully has come back.

DrM is really lovely, really listens and I totally have faith in her,  which is such a big part of a patients relationship with their doctor. The only downside is she is very thorough and often requests further testing, my bloods form was requesting for 8 things to be tested and the x-ray was on my right knee which she thinks might be arthritis.

Results are a week away but today I want to say thank you to my GP, to those in Haematology and the Phlebotomist that took my blood (I don't give it easily), to the x-ray department and the Radiographer that took pictures of my knee and to the three separate people who asked if we needed directions while we were corridor walking, thank you.

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