Saturday, 1 June 2013

A people day....

FriendsN&T called in yesterday morning for coffee, we don't see them very often so it was a good catch-up natter. N is slowly recovering from surgery but looked really well I'm pleased to say. They were off in their camper-van for a weekend relax, hope it gets a bit warmer for them.

After lunch my nails technician arrived and so did NeighbourC to have her nails done too, and the three if us chatted non stop for a couple of hours. C left dark purple fingered and mine are a light lilacy-pink shimmer (my only girlyness).

After dinner Hubby and I settled down in front of the tele, then he got called out (he is an emergency volunteer blood runner for SERV). I had a lovely long phone call from our son with a full update but mainly so I could keep him company for a hands-free short part of his drive back from Liverpool to Colchester.

While I was on the phone I got a text from NieceL which said "are you home", which usually means she wants a chat, so I replied "on the phone to son, will ring you when I'm done" but she text back "ok but are you home" and when I said "yes" it came back instantly "see you in a minute"! She lives more than an hours drive away so lots of scenarios went through my head, did she have a problem and needed a big cuddle from her auntie, did her sonD persuade her to let him drive her car here as he's just passed his test......but what I hadn't even considered was the ambulance suddenly pulling up onto my drive! Her husbandJ is a mechanic for the ambulance service and he had to deliver one and then collect one somewhere near here to take back and brought my niece and planned to stop here for a quick cuppa.

I wonder what all my neighbours thought seeing an ambulance on the drive for more than an hour. I know hubby was a bit surprised when he arrived back on his motorbike (I had text him a warning but he hadn't seen it in time).

Also the tricky bit today is there are three couples all trying to meet up for lunch and we are having great difficulty finding a day that fits in all our three diaries,  so many emails it's very funny.

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