Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Was it just a dream.....

I rarely dream or if I do then I obviously rarely remember them, so this morning it feels odd being able to come down and explain to Hubby in detail the course of events.

It started with me answering his mobile phone about 6am and I was still in the lounge watching tv and his phone was plugged in behind me, so I had to wake him and he went out - in real life he is an emergency blood runner for SERV - but why did he not have his phone by the bed like he always does for on-call nights? And why was the voice on the phone another of his friends who always likes to joke with me, didn't sound like an emergency call at all.

Scene then changes to me, but a young me, dumped in a big house that is in the worst state you can imagine, Kim and Aggie would have run a mile away from the filth and debris, also dumped with me was our lives in boxes and a huge number of was moving in day to our new home and Hubby was out on call so no help. The children were all being really lovely and looking after each other and coming to help me too, but I don't think they were my children? I was being the most tolerant and patient person ever while cleaning in the huge kitchen and looking for things in the boxes while groups of children were asking for all sorts of things.

So either this is telling me that I'm destined to single handedly open a children's foster care home.....or my subconscious has had enough of this kitchen rebuild and I need to unpack and sort the rest of the stuff and get my own house back!

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