Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Destruction - again...

One of the few things that definitely did not need changing in this major kitchen rebuild, was the light fitting. It's a round fluorescent tube that's neat and gives a really good even light and I like it. Unfortunately it now seems to blow the whole electrics when it is turned off, not every time but maybe twice a week! It was rewired but the electrician assures us it couldn't be anything to do with that, the starter has been changed but that didn't improve things, so a whole new light is on order!

Also, not really destruction but a bloody nuisance, our new kettle which has been in constant use for weeks now, will still sometimes have that horrid plasticy taste. We are throwing so many mugs of tea and coffee away and boiling up again that it's costing far too much. We even got the bloke in to test all our water purifying system just in case it was that. This morning I'm boiling it up with bicarb to see if that help, meanwhile I'm drinking milky coffee from the microwave. Think we'll have to buy a new kettle again too!

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