Saturday, 25 May 2013

Birthday girls...

Yesterday our beautiful granddaughters had their 11th birthday.
Unfortunately I didn't take any photos nor did we remember to mark their growth on the bathroom doorframe height chart, I know M took photos and hopefully we'll remember the height thing next time they're here.

After doing birthday stuff at home they came here and we gave them our presents: a munchkins box game each (as requested), some girly nail stickers for E and for R a hand written rolled card saying "chocolate lovers workshop" booked for July (actually stole this from Daughter as she had already booked it but I couldn't think of anything else). We also put some cash in their cards.

We managed an early party style lunch then Daughter and O had to leave us for a while (they were attending the funeral of a very close friend's baby, sad).
Meanwhile Hubby and I took the girls into town shopping - in the rain urghhh - we both hate shopping but love our girls so much we were happy to make the sacrifice! Let's just say it was quite a tiring 3 hours but they both came home with new clothes and R got new books. Back home at exactly the same time that Daughter and O arrived and just waited a bit for M and D to arrive then it was tea and birthday cake, which Daughter had made and was yummy.

Then it was time for us all to get ready for going out to dinner,  this included the girls changing into new clothes and swapping leggings between them to get the right combinations :-) plus getting D to wash off all the face paints, they had some sort of dressing up day at school and he was Dracular with full cape and his mum's knee high boots and brought nothing to change into or even a coat doh!!!

For dinners out we often have a problem as E is vegetarian and most places give her little choice, so this time we drove 40mins away to the only totally vegetarian pub in East Anglia It was such a lovely pub and the staff were really helpful and attentive but best of course was the food, we all enjoyed everything ordered. Will definitely recommend this pub to everyone.

The girls said they'd had an excellent day :-)


Hannah@HomeBaked said...

What a lovely, busy, family birthday!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Yes it was Hannah :o)