Monday, 20 May 2013

Sons, daughter and sun.....

Lovely day yesterday. Hubby was going to be out most of the day so our Son came over early, mainly to see us but also to collect some furniture he had stored here some time ago. Great to see him and even better to see his stuff leave :-)

Daughter was booked to be with her Tudor dancing group to perform at the Mayfair at Crowfield and invited me along. So she came to collect me early and Son stayed later so they could have a good brother+sister catch up before we all rushed off.

It was a lovely Mayfair, the dancers attracted a small appreciative audience which I think was mainly because of Daughter's playing the music for them (I love that she gets so much pleasure from her music). M and I spent our time with O who sampled archery, face painting and a very messy chocolate filled cream topped double pancake...I left his dad clearing up after that one!

And the sun was out and warm all day :-)

What totally spoilt such a lovely day was after rushing to get me home so Daughter could drop the others off then drive 200 miles to collect the girls from their dad, M noticed a really horrid noise from Daughter's car, so a quick look under the bonnet then rearrangement of cars and car seats and stuff and she drove off in mine :-(

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