Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Not quite to plan....

Daughter and children came over with the intention of making little working steam boats. They were following a YouTube video instruction. She was hoping that with another adult at the table she could include all the children but as the first task was to cut up aluminum drink cans followed by extensive use of epoxy glue it was very quickly easier for Hubby to amuse O elsewhere and leave the others to it.

Unfortunately the delayed start and the break for lunch and the repeated waiting for glue to dry meant they didn't actually get anything finished before needing to pack up and go home, so an ongoing project.

I mainly stayed out of their way, especially because watching anyone cut up cans makes me nervous!  I made all the lunches and when I noticed how many soft bananas there were I decided to use them up in a cake. Well I'm blaming it on still getting to know my new cooker, but after 70mins and the skewer coming out clean, it came out and cooled a little and was cut into squares only to reveal it wasn't totally cooked, so back it went for another 30mins. Still looking more squidgy than fluffy it was named pudding to have with custard rather than cake (tastes good so no waste).


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