Friday, 3 May 2013


I think the truck stop venue we go to after art would have seemed a bit empty and quiet if our crowd hadn't been there last night. Four of our men decided to go 10 pin bowling while three of us were painting all meeting afterwards at the lorry park Olive's bar, along with three others plus the truckers that sat with us too around tables pushed together and a dozen chairs. Band was ok and we had a bit of a dance so a fun night.

Before all that of course was our art group, which was really poorly attended, just 5 of us. Our numbers had increased a lot over the last few months so it's quite disappointing when lots of them don't come. Last night I was also making a request for donations of artwork for a charity fundraiser I'd been emailed about by the Colchester Rotary Club. Guess I'll have to contact other members in other ways.

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