Saturday, 22 June 2013

The long sleepover - part 3.....

Wednesday R woke really sprightly even though she was still filling bins everywhere with used tissues. She had been spending lots of time skyping with M, sharing cartoon ideas and general nonsense chatting I think, however he was working in London on Wednesday so when Chris arrived she washed and dressed at super speed and went outside to do gardening with him. She also appointed herself guardian of the cherry tree and not only scared any birds off that dared to land but also climbed right up into the tree and picked a bowl full of ripe cherries that hadn't been pecked at yet.

As it was a lovely sunny and warm day out came the hula hoops and poi and R spent ages practicing her skills and even tried to teach me some basic poi moves but I was worse than useless, I was dangerous! Hubby and R popped down to Toys-R-Us to buy better hoops than we have (R has used professional hoops at circus camp) but they didn't have any   :-(

That evening Hubby took R with him to his league bowling night and I went out with my friends as usual.

Thursday I suggested a trip out to the RSPB site at Minsmere but R said she really wanted a bike ride with Granddad (embarrassed to admit I can't ride a bike) so as that would give her some fresh air and exercise I shut down the Minsmere internet page. However by the time she eventually got washed and dressed it was lunchtime and then raining!!! So a lot of faffing around and finally focused on checking out her ice-cube experiment that she started last Sunday and forgot about, that also included a "what happens if we freeze an egg, separate yolk from white and also mixed?"

This all held her interest for only about 10mins and I couldn't get her to form predictions or conclusions! In fact she hasn't looked since they've frozen.

The evening could have been a disaster as we were all quite tired but there didn't seem to be anything suitable for us all on tv to just slob in front of (hundreds of channels and very little ever appeals). Eventually on Sky+ on demand movies Hubby found the Robin Williams film Flubber and R hadn't seen it already yay :-)

Friday was non-stop by comparison to previous days. Of course it was the first day R had managed to stay asleep and I had to wake her! 40mins away we took her to an art lesson. She was there two hours so Hubby and I went for a mooch round the shops in Bury St Edmunds. Home for lunch, then R baked a victoria sponge to take home to M as he'd asked for one in an earlier skype conversation. After that, and because the weather was perfect, she persuaded Granddad to take her on their postponed bike ride. This left her just enough time to jam, butter icing and icing sugar dust her sponge and save it in a tin ready for tomorrow then we rushed out to the car again and headed to Kesgrave for her dance lessons.

A late fish and chips dinner was about all I had energy for :-)

And finally to this morning when yet again I had to wake her up, always makes me feel mean. Then across town for Drama. She's there for an hour and a half so I enjoyed a good read of my book while waiting. Then I took her back to her house as M is there and Daughter is coming home this evening, as Hubby and I are busy Sunday and we will pick her up again Sunday night when we get back.

I'm missing her already!


Michelle said...

Was reading on cleaning ovens and suchlike today (exciting life that I lead). If you have a self cleaning oven it is suggested you test the self cleaning function whilst still under warranty as the high heat required can do damage.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you for thinking of me and my new cooker Michelle :)
We actually had to do the full heat self cleaning ritual before first use so I know ours is ok, phew!