Monday, 24 June 2013

We did you proud....

Oh SisterM how I miss you. We gathered around you yesterday for your stone setting and it is still so hard to believe that you left nearly a year ago. I think you would have been pleased to see just how many people were there, of course it helps that we are a biggish family and most of us were there, but add to that extended family of loyal cousins and your close friends and magistrate friends and schule friends and your favourite retired Rabbi and the new Rabbi too....we made an impressive crowd!

The woodland area you chose is really growing around you well, so different from a year ago when it was a newly consecrated field. Although I know it's not my place to complain it did bring out some uncomfortable allergies in two of your children and me and maybe others but we soon got over it.

I almost heard you giggle when I first saw your plaque and asked your husband what the four Hebrew letters at the bottom mean and when he said they were an abbreviation of a much longer blessing I replied "So just like she did on her texting lol" :-)

I'm sure you're watching them all anyway but wanted to tell you that your children and their families are doing ok and looking after their dad all the time, but of course they know there'd be thunder and lightning if they didn't.

So come visit me in my dreams any time you fancy a chat.
Love you always xxx


Michelle said...

Been hesitating to know what to write here. It made me laugh which seems deeply inappropriate (the hay fever bit!). But then thought your sisterM made me laugh and maybe that's not so bad after all. Sorry if it is xxx

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Not inappropriate at all and tears and laughter go hand in hand when we let them. Always better to say something rather than nothing. Hugs xx