Friday, 7 June 2013

A legal high....

Ha ha ha don't think drop out youth with greasy hair and ripped jeans, this is Hubby I'm talking about!

The four men had arranged a ten-pin bowling night and us girls (plus D who is a non-bowling man) met at the truck stop for a carvery dinner especially to celebrate H's birthday and the men joined us there afterwards.

After eating we moved from restaurant area to the bar and the band on stage were Road Runner. We have seen them before and especially the base player Vernon who is now in four different bands and is a bit of a giggly/pervy/flirty odd ball. He always comes to chat and joke during every interval.

When the men joined us and the band took a break FriendM and I went out to my car and brought in the birthday cupcakes she had bought and with just one candle we sang happy birthday to H.

I was driving so Hubby was drinking and I don't know what they put in the beer but Hubby was up and fast dancing with us which is a rare event and even made the other men feel a bit guilty and get up and dance too.

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