Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The long sleepover - part 4.....

When M said he was in London on Monday leaving home at 7:30am and then Daughter said they were heading back to Kentwell at 7:00am I thought I'd do us all a favour and collect R Sunday evening. So glad I did as R enjoyed a long lie in :)
Actually she needed to catch up on a bit of a late night as she was missing her mum and needed extra cuddles.

Late start for us Monday but I was keen to get out and do something. So straight after lunch we went to Stonham Barns, which has an owl and birds of prey sanctuary plus meerkats and a garden centre and a few other shops. We got there just in time for the birds flight and talk display followed by feeding time and a talk with the meerkats.

Yes that last picture does have some of Hubby's finger over the lens, a common enhancement of his with his phone camera!

Tuesday was an up and out start (not too early) for R's drum kit lesson. I could sit on a comfy sofa just outside the room she was playing in so a bit of a read and lots of listening to her drumming which sounded good to me.

From there we had a bit of a shopping trip to hunt down "the right" black plimsoles (her sister had borrowed them for her concert Sunday and we couldn't find them) for her drama costume needed on Saturday and we had to buy white socks for the dance competition on Sunday. Thankfully we got both. Lunch then out again to Asda as R realised we didn't have any of the hair stuff needed for her dance competition, she has to have her hair in a bun and it has to be round a bun-doughnut......thank heavens for you-tube tutorials :-)

Out again in time for us to collect D from school (M had timing issues) then we took D and R to meet M for Computer Club. Hubby then collected M and R after club and took M home and R also went in to find some PJs (remembered she needed some for her sleepover  at her friend's on Thursday) then Hubby came home with the PJs but no R.......she'd had another homesick wobble and just had to sleep there :-(

Thankfully M didn't need to go to London today after all so even though our alarm went off at 7am and Hubby was prepared to go and collect R and drop M at the station at 7:30am he saw M's email just in time, phew. We'll collect R after lunch and try to get some hair bun making practice in before she goes to bowling with Hubby for the evening.

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