Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My thank you speech.......

Not exactly finished as we've bought the wall tiles but they are nowhere near the walls yet, however, after 21 weeks from the first bit of destruction to the old kitchen I'm going to declare this as my finished kitchen while I can still call it new!

Before the big reveal photos I would like to thank those that made this happen.

Firstly and mainly it was designed jointly by us both but built by my very clever Hubby :-)

With supplies and help from...
* M, daughter's partner, who thought he'd left plumbing behind long ago, his knowledge and skills were a big help.
Town Kitchens  They not only supplied all our new units, handles, cooker hood and worktops but also fitted our worktops and were generally available for help and advice. They are a great family business and it's lovely that they are all our friends too.
Jennings Electrical Another family business and Peter is another of Hubby's friends. We gave him a bit of a challenge with all the rewiring needed, and also decided that we needed a new consumer unit (fuse box) too as the old one often used to trip.
Isn't it great that we can support small local businesses and of course they can help us out with some 'mates-rates' :-)
* K M J Plastering Services, who don't appear to have a website. Replastered all ceilings and kitchen walls so you can't see the holes in the ceiling from fitting a cooker hood, or channels in the walls from the rewiring.
Top-Floors their cute salesman Gary and lovely fitter made an excellent job of the floor, dinning room was easy but the kitchen was definitely not, so well done.
*Topps Tiles  For the tiles and trims and cement and grout that are all stacked ready.
* And of course I played my part with all the moving stuff out, getting pictures off walls and the moving it all back again afterwards.

So here are some "before" photos. This is the kitchen I designed and Hubby built more than 20 years ago.

And this is what it looks like today...

If you want to work your way through the full transformation in photos go to
 2013 kitchen rebuild


Sue Miller said...

What a lovely sleek, posh kitchen, Wish you well to use it! Love Sue X

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks Sue. Hope to cook you a dinner in it soon xxx

MumB / @mumbosh said...
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