Friday, 12 July 2013

Peaks and troughs and peaks....

Last Thursday got a bit manic with needing to get E to her choir practice the other side of town by 4pm and this was culminating in the end of term concert for choir, percussion (E's in both) and guitars starting at 5pm and expected to last about an hour (often overrunns). I then needed to shoot back across town to pick up friendD at 6:45pm as we had booked to go out for dinner long before I knew I needed to do the choir if that wasn't tight enough my doctor wanted to see me and booked me in for a 3pm appointment (she's part time so it was then or wait quite a while). So hubby and I managed it with a two car dance!

From then to now has been so quiet and uneventful that there's little to blog about. I was left alone on Sunday and then again on Wednesday when Daughter took the children and Hubby to Duxford for a HomeEd event. Hubby has also disappeared at various times to help friendA with church maintenance, leaky toilet I believe.  Had my usual nights out with friends but this week they were quite quiet evenings too.

Today was much busier, Hubby and I went out early(ish) to do some clothes shopping and Daughter and children were already at mine when we got back. There was some computering and lots of outside playing and E is still very much into her wool work (she loved working in the wool shed at Kentwell) did some fleece washing and carding outside for a while too. Early dinner then they all left to take R to her dance lesson and this is my little bit of rest time before getting ready and heading out to a friend's 60th birthday bash.

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