Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A system that works......

Well with everyone moaning about the NHS and cutbacks I just had to note for the record and as a reminder for when I next find fault, the new system for physio therapy referrals here in Ipswich is amazing!

I have been getting a painful right knee for some time now and it's definitely getting worse so off I trot/hobble (eventually) to the doctor. We did blood tests and xrays and repeat blood tests which has ruled out arthritis or bone damage (thought I might have chipped the knee cap or something when I took a tumble in France over a year ago, but thankfully not).

Then the doctor told me it was quicker if I did my own self-referral to physio than if she did it...seems odd eh?

In times gone by it could take something like 10 months or more than a year to get onto our Ipswich NHS physio system (probably much the same all over the country). However, we now have a dedicated company called Allied Health Professionals Suffolk who are on contract to the NHS.

I went to their website and completed the self-referral questionnaire, two days later I received an email back to say my case had been triaged and please do the attached exercises while I'm waiting for an appointment. I was seen this morning, just over a week from my original request!

So yes the system is truly amazing, now let's hope they can work some amazing magic on my knee. Tasha is my physio and today was a full on first consult and examination. She has given me another exercise to add and booked me in for next week and says she will do some deep massages.

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