Monday, 29 July 2013

New trousers are a sew-n-sew.....

Three new pairs of trousers for this lovely summer we are having but I actually haven't worn any of them yet as they need huge chunks lopped off the bottoms as always for me.

I've managed to pin the length on them all now, which isn't easy when I like jeans to hit the ground to cater for the times I feel like wearing a higher shoe, but summer trousers with flaties need to be off the ground (especially the white ones) although I also need to have my fat swollen summer ankles and feet hidden too.....bit of a challenge eh?

Then there is always the period of procrastination,  reluctant to actually take scissors to excess fabric but it has to be done and today I'm on the pair that needs hemming by hand.

This pair are so lovely and thin, silky, floaty and cool to wear,  but I suspect will also fray easily so I've cut them with pinking sheers and I'm hemming with a close herring bone stitch,  but on this pattern I can't see where I'm sewing or where I've been and it's taking ages  urgghhh. Guess the consolation is my stitches can't be seen on the outside either .

The white pair and the combats will be machine hemmed :-)


Michelle said...

starting with the scissors is always hard. I found that with the kentwell costume making.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Oh yes, it's the scary point of no return!