Sunday, 21 July 2013

The welcome wet...

Though not yet wet enough to revive the garden, the drizzle yesterday and today is certainly helping to make it all a little refreshed.

Not too sure if anything much more than sunbathing or going inside to cool off happened last week. I did do lots of washing while the sun was blaring and electricity was free. Daughter and the children were here lots of the time and Daughter brought her camper to open up and charge up and also took the opportunity to paint a few cupboard doors. E had also bought her own three-man pop-up tent which got set up in our garden on its test run.

Monday was a pub by the river lunch out with neighbours and friendsP&A. This was a free lunch courtesy of our solar panel company as they gave us £100 for recommending and actually lunch only spent half so we will do it again when they get back from France and us from Italy. Tuesday was physio (must remember to do my exercises). Wednesday night was my usual pub meal but just three of us this time as the whole crowd were meeting Thursday anyway.

As I said, whole crowd plus extras Thursday at the Truck Stop. My friendM's partner is a drummer and is now part of a new band (all seasoned musicians) and this was their first proper booking. They were great, had everyone up and dancing and we had a laughter filled fun night.

FriendsL&K came on Friday (they loved the new kitchen) and we went out for lunch and then a lovely stroll along the waterfront with the hot sun bouncing off the water and the boats along the marina, we could have been at any marina along the med! Back home for a sit in the garden and our non stop chatter punctuated by cold drinks and tea and cakes......I love being retired hahaha

Did I ever mention how I love being a grandma too? Yesterday Daughter had driven the 150ish mile round trip to take the girls to meet their dad then when she was home took O out for a bike ride and play in the park (he sits on the back of her bike). While at the park O insisted that he wanted to come to see us so Daughter dialled then gave him the phone so he could check that we were in and then they cycled over, the last bit is uphill. He was so pleased to see us and jumped into my arms for the longest cuddle :-)  Tea and cake refuel and then Daughter reluctantly headed home, the first bit thankfully downhill then all the rest uphill, so usually takes her 15mins to get here but 30mins to get home.

And so far today I've just bought a really lovely pair of silky black and white summer trousers, hope they fit.


Katy said...

Solar panels are excellent at this time of year - I've been really appreciating ours with so much Kentwell washing to do!

I love reading about how much you love being a grandma - wish my children had grandparents like you!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Aw thanks Katy. I never had any grandparents at all and we lived a little too far from our children's grandparents for them to develop close relationships so I guess I'm making up for the generations that lost out :-)

MumB / @mumbosh said...

That's odd...left a reply here hours ago which has disappeared!!! I think it said.
Thanks Katy. I never had any grandparents and my children lived a bit far from their grandparents to build close relationships so we are glad we're in a position to make up for the previous generation's loss.

Haven't had any bills in yet to see our solar panel savings. Been long term sunny tho so must be saving loads :-)

Katy said...

I lived with one set of grandparents between the ages of five and ten, and spent much of the school holidays with the other set, so I find it very sad that my children have so little contact with theirs :-( I fully intend to be as involved as possible with my grandchildren when the time comes - and J has often said he intends to marry and have lots of children so there should be plenty of grandparenting opportunities ;-)

MumB / @mumbosh said...

May I suggest Katy your children immediately adopt some local OAPs to visit/pester as I know I find it really hard to relate to old people myself because I've never had to. My granddaughters have also known 4 great-grandparents in their short lifetime (sadly none now). Lovely that you'll have grandma cuddles to look forward to :)

BTW I'd put a comment on your last post and it went into your spam folder! Seems to be a common problem of mine :(

Katy said...

Fortunately they do get to spend time with people of all ages at church, but it's not the close relationship I'd like them to be able to have. Ah well.

Have hunted through spam folder (how much rubbish?!) and released your comment :o)