Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Cruise - day 9 Sardinia.....

Day 9 (it's now the 20th in case you'd lost track) and we are in Cagliari, Sardinia. Our excursion wasn't till 9:45am so not rushed but the coach load of people were still quite sedate. We had a drive around the old town and then up into the hills to a winery and there we learned how it's made before having a good wine tasting with pecorino cheese, salami and carte de musica (a bread as fine as paper that snaps when you break it). As you can image the coach was quite rowdy coming back lol.

Dinner tonight was in the Grand Pacific and we shared a table with a German woman travelling alone. She was our age and said she grew up with all British and American music and really knew it all. We also had a long conversation about cruising and the good and bad of each company and the difference on their ships. Hubby and I left her to finish her dessert so we could get to the show, what can I say, it was flamenco and apart from lots of costume changes all the dances were the same!

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