Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Cruise - day 7 Mallorca.....

Day 7 and we are in Mallorca. Straight after breakfast when we got on the excursion bus at 8:30am I sent a happy birthday text to O (sad I'm missing his 5th). Thankfully today's tour was a gentle one as we were both still tired. We saw lots of Palma and then Valldemossa, very pretty. Of course as today is Easter Good Friday lots of the shops and things were closed!

Back on board we sat out on the sunloungers for a while this afternoon but it's really windy, so just had to go for tea and cake, too much food too available at all times! This evening was the White Hot Party and we had packed white clothes specially, so off we went and were very relieved to find the bar packed with lots of others in white! Full on disco with smoke and sprayed snow and we were up and dancing as much as my little legs would let me.

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